How to wear a bohemian sweater dress?

Break the trends and wear a bohemian sweater dress in winter!

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Don't listen to the different magazines that highlight the bohemian dress as the only summer trend. The bohemian dress is much more than that: unique, atypical, and mysterious, the hippie chic dress continues to surprise us from year to year. As detailed in our subsequent article “ how to live a bohemian life ?” it's not enough to wear a chic bohemian dress to be a bohemian . Bohemian is a fashion that is lived with the mind and the body. First of all, you have to be a bohemian at heart to make your dress look sublime. But you will tell me, how can I be a real bohemian? The answer is simple: you must not succumb to trends and passing fashion . Bohemian is not only made for sunny days, it can be worn all year round, because much more than just reflects your look. The bohemian dress reflects the depth of your personality, it highlights your state of mind and your philosophy. 

Obviously you have to be realistic, a bohemian dress fall/winter season is totally different from a spring/summer dress. We do not recommend wearing ashort bohemian asymmetrical lace dresswhen outside temperatures are approaching freezing. You don't have to adapt your outfit! 

Generally relatively painful during the summer, long-sleeved bohemian dresses will be your best ally during the winter. Its long fabric will allow you to cover as much of your forearm as possible and thus protect your bars. Remember, it is important to point out that the feeling of cold comes from the end of the body, so it is important to cover your hands, forearms and legs. 

The quality of the fabric is a more than important point when choosing your bohemian dress. 

At bohème infinity, the most important thing in our eyes is the quality of the fabric used in our different pieces. Always looking for materials that are durable over time and ecological, we pay particular attention to bioethical materials. For our dresses for the Fall-Winter season, no thin to to do so we opted for the best. Mainly reinforced, biodegradable cotton, it will be perfect to keep you warm all winter long. 

 Which bohemian sweater dress to choose for winter 2020? 


Fashions are timeless, but trends change. At bohème infintiy we decided to highlight the sweater dress for winter 2020. Very glamorous and casual, the sweater dress is undoubtedly the best solution during harsh winters. 

It will allow you to have a total bohemian look ! Straight cut or loose cut, the bohemian dress is undoubtedly a timeless staple in a bohemian's closet!

To finalize your outfit, don't hesitate to opt for a pair of heels and fine tights. Avoid wearing tights that are overly padded and overheating if you spend most of your time in an office or classroom. Finally, combine with this sweater dress a chic bohemian style jacket. Perfect as a windbreaker, the bohemian jacket is timeless and goes everywhere. If you want to add a touch of fantasy, also add bohemian jewelry with vacation and travel inspirations. Moonstone rings or Australian-inspired necklaces will be perfect for giving a touch of getaway to your sophisticated outfit. 

What are the different accessories with a bohemian sweater dress? 

Pair your bohemian sweater dress with a pair of heels or leather ankle boots! 

The style of an outfit obviously depends on the choice of a pair of shoes. This choice is almost more important than the dress itself. When choosing your pair of shoes, we recommend staying in the same shade as your dress. Avoid excess color as much as possible, staying on 2 shades maximum. As for the material, the choice is varied and depends largely on your tastes. We advise you to take suede or leather shoes. Finally, the choice between open and closed shoes depends largely on your feet and the activities you are going to do. If the pair of bohemian shoes you are going to choose is used as part of your job or you will be walking a lot. We advise you to take an extremely comfortable pair to avoid inflammation as much as possible. 

What jewelry to wear to match your bohemian outfit? 

The choice of jewelry is also very important. As bohemians, we advise you to opt for a mix of ethnic inspiration and give way to your creativity. If you are looking for more bohemian chic inspirations, we recommend something more refined in white and minimalist shades. Don't forget in the bohemian chic style, "less is more!" Also don't hesitate to choose bohemian jewelry with beautiful turquoise or emerald colors that will make you stand out your complexion and add a touch of color to your outfit. 

A bohemian bag to complete your outfit! 

An undeniable fashion element, the bohemian bag or clutch is the final touch to your outfit. For bags we recommend opting for a mouse gray bag. Avoid mixing colors with too much contrast as much as possible. Such as a red bag with a green dress. The easiest solution would be to have several depending on the outfit you are wearing, but also depending on its use. Indeed, it is sometimes not easy to carry small bohemian chic clutches if you have to carry a computer. 

Discover our wide variety of bohemian dresses for winter! 

At bohème infinity you will have a wide choice of bohemian dresses, between short dresses with long sleeves , long bohemian dresses or even long lace bohemian dresses to choose from. Don't hesitate to vary the trends and fashions to create your own style. To conclude, you now have the cards in hand to choose the most beautiful pieces for this winter. Up to you !