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    17 products

    If you are here it is because you are interested in the bohemian world and jewelry! 

    Maybe you are already familiar with this universe, or maybe not at all, whatever the case, we welcome you to Bohème Infinity!

    Discover our selection ofbohemian necklaces: you will not be disappointed!


    No matter our world or the style of our wardrobe, we all have at least one piece of jewelry in our home! The necklace is often unanimously unanimous, because it is easy to hang, glamorous, it beautifully dresses the neck and neckline. 

    There are many types of necklaces: choker, uniform, princess, long necklace, Egyptian, opera, long... It's not always easy to find your way around! However, this diversity of shapes and materials allows us women to change our style according to our desires and tastes. 

    In the past, necklaces were used to show a particular belonging to a religion, a community or a way of thinking. 


    There aregolden or silver bohemian necklaces, necklaces with beads, pompoms, feathers, fringes, ruffles or even withshellsand beautiful clasps.

     It can also have some with rhinestones, pendants, medallion charms, cultured pearl. We also find some, much more chic, in gold plated with carats of precious stones (diamond, sapphire, mother-of-pearl, crystals, quartz, amethyst, emerald, ruby, lapis lazuli, turquoise, etc.), In short, there is not just one type of bohemian necklace, but a multitude! The same goes for bracelets, earrings and rings which come in a thousand and one ways: bangle, bracelet, charm, cuff, in solid silver, with links, rings, or precious stones.

    Enough to find happiness, please by giving and indulge yourself as you wish without necessarily going to a jewelry store! The bohemian necklace brings elegance and refinement to an outfit. Delicate and original, it will win you over, that’s for sure!

    Often made of steel, brass or natural materialss, fanciful bohemian necklaces are easily adjustable. You can wear them with dresses, blouses, floral bohemian pants, it's up to you to be creative or simply give free rein to your inspiration to best accessorize your most beautiful outfits!


    For a complete and feminine outfit, accessories but especially jewelry are very important, even if we often tend to forget and neglect them! Abeautiful necklace can, for example, be the main piece of an outfit, enhancing it and highlighting it perfectly. 

    Accessories for women help create overall harmony. All the accessories must match perfectly so that each element has its place in the desired look. An outfit may seem perfect at first glance, but when it is completed with a beautiful necklace, a sublime ring or a stunning bag then it immediately seems much more sophisticated and distinguished than before.

    Remember this: a bohemian outfit isn't really one without floral designs or bohemian jewelry. If you want to wear several pieces of jewelry at the same time for a total bohemian look, be careful not to wear too much and mismatch them so that it does not look like an “adornment”: not necessarily modern or flattering. The jewelry is now more intended to be worn by the bride during her wedding.


    Depending on the season, desires change: forsummer, you may prefer a gold or rose gold necklace with a shell or set with a lagoon stone and for winter a silver astral necklace or one with a snowflake pendant.

    For summer it can also be abeautiful 3-row hippie necklacewith long bohemian dress and sandals, and for winter an ethnic white blouse, jeans, heeled ankle boots with a magnificent bohemian medal necklace in white gold.

    For the hot seasons, still choose a yellow gold necklace, it will bring out your tan! No fear: Bohème Infinity jewelry is made of stainless steel and therefore ready to face sea, sun, sand, but also the winter cold!

    To be trendy withbohemian jewelry for summer and winter, visit our selection of women's accessories and jewelry.

    All occasions are good for wearing a bohemian necklace: from a little outing with the girls, through a birthday, a wedding, for Valentine's Day or simply to stay stylish at home!

    Bohemian necklaces continue to seduce with their originality and their variety. If you want to discover other of our accessories, go to our collection of bohemian bracelets and rings.