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57 products

Welcome to every bohemian! 

Discover our selection of bohemian dresses that continue to seduce you! 👧

How can you not succumb to the charm of the bohemian dress?

Simple and elegant, it spans the centuries with complete lightness. Since the seventies (70s), the short bohemian dress is the flagship piece of the hippie wardrobe . Straight from the flower-power movement 🌸, the bohemian dress brings a total GLAMOR look.

The bohemian style dress stands out from other clothing styles with varied tones, neutral or colorful, and natural materials. Pastel colors , floral patterns, lace , and floral prints are the very definition of hippie and folk style. Make no mistake, the white bohemian dress is not reserved for summer, the beach, and the heat: we find magnificent ones, in a very becoming bohemian chic, to make you vibrate from spring to summer. autumn. Sexy and romantic, hippie dresses will brighten up your evenings and those around you.

So many outfit possibilities with bohemian dresses!

Please know ladies that you can live your bohemian life by adopting a more or less chic style, according to your desires! Bohemianism opens its doors to an infinity of materials, shapes, and colors.

So, you discover long bohemian dresses 👗 made from natural materials, such as suede , velvet , jute, rattan, or even linen! They can even be crocheted, embroidered or knitted dresses! Bohemian dresses are often colorful dresses , in all shades, from beige to turquoise, including the most charming shades of warm colors!

So many styles are available to you: casual and loose, country, neutral, or chic dresses! You can opt for comfortable outfits, with a simple tunic or blouse, or choose to wearskirts, even a long skirt! Do you think bohemian excludes the wearing of pants?

This is not the case! A pretty pair of high-waisted pants or simple jeans can dress you up like the most charming bohemian, accompanied by a knitted sweater, denim jackets and blouses, or a bomber jacket. There are also simple t-shirts or shorts, for lighter bohemians!


Pair your bohemian dress with some chic accessories

Moreover, bohemian dresses can be worn with a host of accessories of all kinds! Pearl necklaces, necklaces, pompoms, fringes, ruffles, feathers and other joys!

These accessories evolve with the seasons: pretty sunglasses, a floppy hat and a colorful belt in summer, versus a pretty scarf and an embroidered bag for cooler seasons. An original belt buckle, earrings, bracelets and golden rings: these are your best friends for showing off your romanticism. Hairstyles shouldn't be neglected either: for example, wear your hair in a braid and adorned with a flower crown! Of course, the use of accessories is unlimited and infinite: it allows you to further personalize your bohemian outfit.  

Shoes also play their role in the life of a bohemian, the stars being of course the sandals, worn for example with a lovely flowing dress and sleeveless. However, the possibilities are again endless: flat ankle boots, boots, canvas shoes, heels, pumps or even sneakers (why not?). ☀️

The bohemian dress adapts to all body shapes

With its very wide range of options and assortments, the bohemian chic dress adapts to all bodies, all morphologies, all desires. It will highlight every woman who will let herself be tempted by its shimmering touch and its elegance.

Do you wear plus sizes? Theloose dresses will be very pleasant on you, the tighter ones will highlight your radiant forms! Are you on the petite side? A shorter, colorful dress with heeled sandals could delight you, and the alternatives aren't just limited to that!

So, whatever the season, whatever your morphology, whatever your desires (even the craziest!), the bohemian dress offers an immensity of choice of outfits and styles to delight your senses and brighten up your daily life! All you have to do is check the availability of the accessory or women's outfit of your dreams, and off you go!