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31 products

31 products

Bohème Infinity the perfect bohemian boutique to find a white bohemian dress

Bohème Infinity is a ready to wear brand whose one and only goal is to enhance the uniqueness of women at its true value while always sticking to the bohemian style if dear to our heart.

The white dress, essential in a bohemian's wardrobe

Summer is coming, bringing with it its heat but also its casual, sexy outfits... Allow us to make you dream, let's set the scene imagine a rural environment at the end of the day, a wicker basket in hand, the depths of the air is hot, you picnic on an embroidered tablecloth, cushions here and there.

You then feel the wind caressing your bare legs, running through your dress, you put on your sunglasses to contemplate the beauty of the sky and the last rays of the sun.

This moment seems perfect doesn’t it? Nature is certainly well done but it is a moment that Bohème Infinity can offer you. We suggest you revisit your wardrobe with several styles.

Think bohemian, think jute, lace, natural materials. We have thought of and selected for you completely unique looks for women to add a little fantasy to your wardrobe.

Life in white thanks to the bohemian dress.

Color of romanticism and glamour no black dress this year, in fact out of the question of halftones this summer it's white! This collection of bohemian white dresses will allow you, we are sure, to find the little dress of your desires, highlighting your silhouettes.

We have to offer you dresses for your romantic evenings, as well as for the hot days ahead. To do this, white will be your best friend, both chic and neutral, the most beautiful effect when combined with patterns or embroidery, this color is the color of this summer we we are sure of it.

You will find short and long dresses but also loose ones, we wanted to highlight the comfort of wearing our clothes. We believe women's clothing should be a joy to wear

Lots of choice in this sublime wardrobe.

Rest assured that we have worked hard to offer you an extremely wide range, you will find something for all morphologies.

But above all you must remember that the beauty of every woman lies in her self-confidence. No matter how you are made, you can be enhanced by any cut, whether tight, short, long or loose, whether you are a plus size or not, all our dresses , long dresses, summer dresses, tunics, blouses will adapt to you. We will also offer you kimonos and blouses.

We intend to brighten up your days and your summer nights, during this summer period and the following ones we want to accompany you, offer you everything that the hippie chic style contains!

Not just ready-to-wear, even in the decoration!

The bohemian style is not just about you and we know it, the bohemian lifestyle is a total bohemian look and it must include accessories. We also have sunglasses, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, scarves, etc. to offer you.

We even go so far as to offer you cacti and bamboo as well as bohemian decoration with rugs, dream catchers, cushions and cushion covers with a seventies look to brighten up and give character to your interiors.

What materials do we work with?

Our products are available in jute, mesh, velvet, natural materials, lace, linen, cotton, cashmere, suede.

We have deliberately chosen to create a line oflight white dressescomfortable, this lightness is indeed found in the reasoned use of materials that we have meticulously tested and selected in advance with our ambassadors.

On the way to adventure! 

This summer it’s light, no pants! We are so excited to finally launch the spring summer season and hope that you will follow us during this period, we will offer you new products every week always in the bohemian spirit. And this every season.

Ready for shopping girls?