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Bohème Infinity, THE bohemian clothing store

Bohème Infinity, is a boutique for women, based on the theme of bohemian fashion. Our goal is to offer you light and fluid clothing, which adopts thebohemian style while remaining in today's fashion codes. We offer a wide choice of bohemian clothing 👚, dresses, skirts, or even jewelry 💍...

All Bohème Infinity items are selected and tested by our ambassadors in order to offer you quality items and above all at unbeatable prices! The quality and satisfaction of our customers is essential for us, which is why we pay particular attention to the quality of our products! If you have a question about a size or about the store in general, do not hesitate to send an email to:, our community manager Léa, will be happy to respond to you quickly! 

vêtements bohèmes

The bohemian dress, the flagship item of our store

The bohemian dress is essential in a bohemian's wardrobe and in bohemian fashion in general. Both fluid and light, and able to adapt to all morphologies, the bohemian dress is considered byall women ♀️, as the summer dress par excellence . But be careful, you can also wear your bohemian dress during all seasons, you just need to combine your short dress or your long dress with a denim jacket or a coat, a pair of boots and some very warm tights.

In addition, the bohemian dress 👗 is a dress that will satisfy you no matter the dress you are looking for, flared dress, dress with long sleeves or short sleeves, loose or tight dress, you will understand the hippie dress is a multifunctional dress. Our bohemian dresses are made of cotton, polyester, nylon, with lace to add a sexy and glamorous ❤️ side, or sometimes with embroidery with quality fabrics.

Thank you all for your feedback ! 

Bohème Infinity has been considered for years as THE bohemian boutique and that's it, it's thanks to you. Whether you need a wedding dress for your wedding, a simple dress for summer or winter, jewelry to accessorize your bohemian outfit. .. Our store has met your expectations and it is a real gift for us. The goal of the store is to satisfy you every day. So simply, thank you. Thank you for your loyalty for years and it's not about to stop! Many new bohemian collections are planned! Stay connected! 

Thank you all and happy shopping gypsies, 

The Bohème Infinity Team ☮️