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    22 products

    Welcome to the bohemian world!


    Let us remember that bohemianism is much more than just a fashion statement: it is above all a state of mind and a lifestyle. As a return to the use of natural and noble materials such as cotton, linen, velvet and lace which can also be found through jewelry. It is therefore a life close to nature and its resources!

    BOHEMIAN BRACELETS, essential for a bohemian outfit

    And yes ! bohemian fashion also involves accessories, particularly jewelry and hats for women. Jewelry and in particular bohemian bracelets are often decorated with pompoms, feathers, pearls, pendants, charms or charms (small costume jewelry that hangs) on a chain or a natural fiber yarn, combining romanticism, simplicity and refinement. Bohemian bracelets can be made up of rings, links or also medals

    They can also be set with rhinestones or precious stones or fine stones with carats (diamond, sapphire, lapis lazuli, mother-of-pearl, amethyst, cultured pearl, ruby, emerald, aventurine, topaz, rose quartz, turquoise) as can be found in jewelry. So many possibilities that allow you to find yourself in the design of the bracelet. For an even more bohemian style, you can wear ankle bracelets, also very trendy. The bohemian bracelet is a timeless one to have in your jewelry collection.

    AtBohème Infinity, the bohemian bracelets are also designed to be made of stainless steel that is water and air resistant: they do not blacken or rust, which allows a long lifespan. They are also adjustable and adjustable, ideal for all body types. Many bohemian bracelets await you in our collection of bohemian accessories and bracelets. In the same spirit, find in our collections a wide choice of bohemian jewelry and necklaces, in long necklaces, chokers, chains or medallions for women.


    Accessorize your bohemian dress with a pretty bohemian bracelet

    Bohemian bracelets are perfect to pair with apretty bohemian dress, a t-shirt and a skirt with sandals or a blouse and high-waisted jeans with heels, bangles also go very well with lots of outfits! Simple, glamorous and even sexy, these bohemian bracelets are the definition of love and purity. 

    To attend a special event like a wedding, as a witness or bridesmaid, bohemian bracelets and especially bangles will add real added value to your outfit! If you want ideas for dresses for a bohemian wedding, go to our “Chic bohemian dresses for a wedding” collection. 

    What are their meanings? 

    On bohemian bracelets, we find natural elements in particular: shells, flowers, plants, stars (moon, sun, star), animals and hippie motifs (arrow, peace & love…). These symbols embody minimalism and the sweetness of “bohemian” life. They also bring back memories of travel and places visited. 

    In the seventies it was common to see fans of the bohemian life traveling in a van to go on road trips or simply live their lives day by day, wherever the wind would take them. A life of carefree and fullness! 

    Offer a bohemian bracelet to please Madame...

    To treat yourself or as a gift, the women's bracelet, bohemian and chic, is a great gift idea and always pleases women! It is an ideal gift which allows you to show the person that you know their tastes, and although the choice of bracelet is not always easy, it can prove to be obvious! 

    All occasions are good to give a bohemian bracelet: to a friend, to a family member, for a birthday, a wedding, at Christmas or to your sweetheart for Valentine's Day. As you will have understood: bohemian bracelets can be given, no matter the circumstances, no matter the seasons, as long as it is a gift from the heart for a person you cherish!

    If you like bohemian bracelets, take a look at our selection of bohemian rings, bracelets and earrings, you'll love it for sure!