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    35 products

    35 products

    The Bohemian touch in all its splendor! 

    When the sunny days arrive, we can't wait to put on our most beautiful flowing dresses! Not true ? We finally have our arms, neck and hands uncovered to make room for our favorite accessories. Browse our Bohemian jewelry collections where you will find unique, simple and elegant pieces. 

    There is no bohemian look without jewelry just as there is no look bohemian without flower patterns. The accessory is an essential element to accompany your most beautiful bohemian outfits, but jewelry! They are ESSENTIAL for a true Bohemian look. If there is one thing that Bohemians love above all else, it is to shine brightly with sparkling bohemian jewelry

    Adopt a total new bohemian look by wearing magnificent hippie jewelry!

    From large bohemian earrings to pearl bracelets and golden rings, bohemian jewelry brings a real touch of femininity and fantasy to all your bohemian outfits. The embodiment of absolute beauty, Bohemians know how to enhance themselves thanks to bohemian jewelry. Bohème Infinity offers you original, unique models of unparalleled elegance. A symbol of freedom, the bohemian style embodies a style that opens its doors to jumble of materials and of various and varied forms. Bohemian jewelry is rightly the trendy summer accessory, sumptuously completing your bohemian look. 

    THE bohemian earrings are the most appreciated accessories for their unfailing elegance. Dressed in your most beautiful white bohemian dress, hair tied high with dangling earrings and presto you will give life to your outfit. Dare to wear large earrings to enhance your face and adopt a sparkling bohemian look. The time has come for you to also adopt fine and subtle feather earrings, they will truly bring touch of glamour to your bohemian look. Without forgetting the feathers and pompoms which will give shine to your summer outfits. Our earrings are greatly appreciated for their diversity: their various materials, their multiple colors, nothing escapes Bohème Inifinity to immerse you in the bohemian chic world. Each Bohemian is unique and for good reason each face has a very singular shape. It goes without saying that every face has its own style of earrings. Is not it ? 

    Emblematic of the bohemian trend, you will also find a wide choice of Bohemian rings for a bohemian look that's more glamorous than ever! Among Bohemians, rings are worn in pairs, stacked or spread out. One thing is certain, all opportunities are permitted to bet on simplicity and refinement with our bohemian rings. From silver rings to yellow gold rings and our precious stone rings, you have the embarrassment of choice. Bohème Infinity offers you a multitude of possibilities to give you the freedom to accessorize your bohemian outfits according to your personality. 

    You will obviously find the timeless piece in the wardrobe of a Bohemian: the bohemian necklace. Very often, it is made up of pearls and a lovely pendant or other decorative piece hanging from a charming chain. Grab the most radiant V-neck or wrap dress and the bohemian necklace will be the perfect piece to highlight your pretty neck. Ultra elegant, it goes perfectly well with other jewelry such as bohemian earrings or fine bohemian rings. Worn alone, it is enough in itself to bring a little touch of fantasy to your bohemian look. Once again, there is a bohemian necklace for every body type. 

    Bohemian jewelry, essential for bohemian fashion

    A bohemian jewelry store is not one without its bohemian bracelets. Between simplicity and fantasy, the Bohème Infinity boutique has selected for your greatest pleasure all the classics and the essentials of the bohemian look par excellence. Our bracelets composed of ethnic earth, diamond, floral, animal and moon pendants subtly adorn your pretty wrists. You will also find in our bohemian bracelets a wide selection of materials : flexible, rigid or both at the same time. All you have to do is choose the color: silver, gold, black, sky blue or even light gray, there is something to make you happy. Without a doubt, you will be won over by our superb sets of bohemian bracelets. 

    In our Bohemian Jewelry collection, we rely on sure values ​​of bohemian style: pompoms, feathers, moon pendants, shells or even "Love" are there to enhance your bohemian look from head to toe. Above all, the bohemian jewelry collection gives you the freedom toexpress your desires and preferences.