Bohemian Maxi Skirt



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    10 products

    Let yourself be tempted by the long bohemian skirt, the centerpiece of any bohemian wardrobe! 

    The long bohemian skirt is there hippie chic trend of the year 2020. If you want to perfect your bohemian wardrobe or start adopting a bohemian style, this piece is without hesitation the one for you! 

    A very feminine piece, this long bohemian skirt will bring out your sexy side and your charm. 

    Thanks to its versatility, the long bohemian skirt can give you a very chic, but also very casual look. 

    For a bohemian chic outfit, you can adopt a long satin skirt accompanied by a lace blouse and suede ankle boots. Don’t hesitate to add a leather belt. As for the jacket, don't hesitate to take a look at our page dedicated to bohemian jackets, and find the one that suits you. 

    For a more relaxed look, prefer a long, high-waisted skirt with a floral print, in red for example, accompanied by a simple t-shirt. A pair of sneakers will be perfect to accompany this casual outfit. Don’t hesitate to add a bohemian denim jacket to complete your look. 

    It doesn't matter if you choose a bohemian chic outfit or a more casual look, all your outfits can be accessorized. To do this, choose bohemian jewelry like shell necklaces or hoop earrings. For a little fantasy, you can add a scarf or scarf, depending on the season, but also a pair of sunglasses. 

    The long bohemian skirt, like any bohemian piece, is available in an infinite number of prints. 

    You will find both stripes, polka dots, flowers, checks, jacquard and many more. 

    The advantage of this bohemian piece is that you can wear it all year round. In winter, you can wear a long brown skirt printed with black polka dots with a pair of tights underneath and in the summer, take the opportunity to let your legs get some air under your long red skirt with its yellow floral print. 

    You will be seduced by the number of cuts of long bohemian skirts that there are.

    If you want to feel free and light in your skirt, prefer a flared skirt or one with a slit. Also opt for a light fabric like silk which will give you fluidity and fullness. 

    On the contrary, if you prefer a tailored fit, you can opt for a long straight-cut skirt, a pencil skirt or even a long, tight-fitting skirt. To do this, choose an elastic material or a ribbed fabric. This type of long bohemian skirt will mark your hips to highlight your silhouette

    And the shoes, what to wear with a long bohemian skirt? At first glance, you can wear any pair of shoes you want: heels, sandals, pumps, sneakers or even ankle boots. You can influence your choice based on the season or the color of your long bohemian skirt. 

    If you are looking for an ideal garment to reveal your femininity, the long bohemian skirt is ideal. 

    To do this, choose the colors adapted to your needs and desires. If you want to show your charm and your glamorous side, adopt a long skirt in bright colors like red or black. A long pleated skirt will be perfect for the occasion. On the contrary, if you want to reflect your sweetness and tenderness, choose light and pastel colors. For this, a long printed skirt with ruffles will be ideal.

    The long bohemian skirt is a piece that you can pair with any top: a t-shirt, a sweater, a blouse, a shirt, a tank top or even a sweatshirt. All these tops can be plain or printed, the main thing is that you feel good in your bohemian outfit

    The material of your long skirt should not be neglected: knit, cotton, velvet, jeans, linen or even crepe, so many possibilities available to allow you to have THE long bohemian skirt that suits you. In addition, thanks to its different materials and different cuts, the long bohemian skirt suitable for all body types

    Ladies, rest assured, this long skirt is just waiting to join your bohemian wardrobe. With this piece in your wardrobe, the bohemian trend will no longer have any secrets for you.