Short Bohemian Dress


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41 products

41 products

The short bohemian dress, iconic of 70s hippie fashion

Very often worn in summer for a beautiful sunny day, or for a stroll at the beach, theshort bohemian dress has established itself as THE essential dress in the wardrobeof a bohemian. Short dresses are characterized by an asymmetrical dress, a dress, buttoned dress, flared dress, floral dress, these are mainly dresses for summer, with their short sleeves and very fine cuts, you can tan while walking around!

The bohemian style is mainly characterized by the enormous collection for women that this style offers, long dresses, floral print dress, dress with long sleeves or short sleeves, you will have understood the bohemian styleoffers a wide choice of dresses, so enjoy it girls!

Your beautiful bohemian dress will adapt to you

Wearing a bohemian dress is a pleasure, both comfortable and light, it will enhance your everyday life. In addition, you can wear it for any events, the short bohemian dress will go just as well to an evening ball with a beautiful bohemian evening dress, as to a classic day of work with for example a white bohemian dress.

It is said that bohemian is one of the rare styles that adapts directly to our daily look, because no style offers such a choice. It's true, you know a lot of styles combining flower dress, long printed dress, striped dresses, belted dress and many other hippie dresses.

Quickly adopt bohemian fashion and become a real bohemian 

What are you waiting for to adopt this authentic and unique look and fashion? Our short dresses will accompany you every day for a limitless bohemian look with colorful, floral prints, or a beautiful white princess-style lace dress.

Our short bohemian dresses will bring out the softness that hides deep within you while keeping a glamorous and sexy side that all women seek. In addition, we also know that some women are afraid of beingfemininebecause of their body shapes, this is why our collection of plus size dresses was created especially for you girls, so you can embrace your curves and feel good! Because women's satisfaction is one of the prioritiesof the bohemian movement, so don't be afraid to wear a shirt dress, a fitted dress, a strapless dress, and above all a tight dress !

Bohemian also rhymes with quality, all our short dresses are madewith natural materials in order to best respect the bohemian movement. Cotton dress, velvet dress, muslin dress, two-material dress, leather dress, etc. Our goal is really to offer you as many bohemian style dresses as possible at the lowest price!

Don't wait any longer to adoptthe bohemian styleand make all your friends jealous with your ruffled dress, characterizing the fine women's dress with straps, ideal for this beautiful sunny summer that awaits us!