How to make a bohemian bun?

For an original and easy hairstyle do-it-yourselfWhat better than the bohemian bun It is the hairdressing essential for weddings or evenings with friends. Easy to do and elegant, the bohemian bun is the hairstyle you need for all the times when you doubt, hesitate or don't know which styles to choose. capillaries adopter ! 

It comes in several ways and will adapt to all occasions without any hassle! Follow this short guide to discover how to make the bohemian bun, what tools to use or even what accessories to choose to decorate your buns in bohemian chic style 


femme coiffée avec un chignon

The bohemian bun is the bun par excellence of the hairdressing of marriage. It is perfect for the bride, but also for the bridesmaids or a guest. It is the messy hairstyle which will recall all the romanticism of a wedding and which will therefore be ideal for this very special occasion.

If you are invited to a party where the theme is 1970s and you hate having your hair down in the wind, opt for the bohemian bun. Both practical and chic, you will be the most beautiful of the evening and exude a flawless aura!  

Finally, during a romantic evening with your other half, you can consider to make a bun bohemian style. Like the wedding, this evening where love is in the spotlight will be the perfect opportunity to wear the bohemian bun. Even consider decorating it with pearls or flowers to enhance it. 


femme chignon décontracté

The bohemian bun is not a bun that is worn on the top of the head. Generally, it is preferred on the bottom of the skull, at the base of the neck, like a low ponytail. It is fluid and loose, but still worked. This is called the tousled style. 

The hairstyle was invented in the 1970s by Jacques Dessange, famous French hairdresser and businessman. It was originally a plunging bob with volume and which left the wicks to stroll at the mercy of the wind. The coiffed-mussed was then declined in several ways and now designates a cut or a hairdressing falsely unworked. That is to say a hairstyle that gives the appearance of not having been taken care of when it is quite the opposite. 

Thus, the hair bun bohemian has a loose, slightly disheveled look. It is once again the fluid side of the bohemian style that we find in the smallest details thanks to a hairstyle like the bohemian bun.  


femme avec un chignon et des chouchous

Firstly, to do this easy hairstyle, you will need to gather the tools necessary to create your bohemian bun. Although it is not difficult to do, it is a hairdressing which still requires a few elements so that it is well fixed and does not come apart within five minutes of its preparation. 

To attach the bun, you will need classic elastics or hooked elastics. The elastic hooks have the advantage of allowing freedom in tightening the ponytail which constitutes the basis of bohemian bun, but a classic elastic will do the job very well too. However, it is recommended to avoid crochet elastics on fine, straight hair, as they can slip and therefore not have the desired effect. 

Then, you will need snow pins and flat pliers to attach the small wicks and give the airy appearance of bohemian bun. Consider varying the sizes of the snow clips to best adapt to different bits. 

Finally, to top it off hairchoose a brush with a classic bun and a comb which will be used to separate the hair. This will give an appearance glamour to the hairdressing. 


femmes souriantes coiffées avec un chignon


Firstly, it is advisable to curl or wave your hair to give the hair a fluid and airy appearance. hair bun. This step is not obligatory, but it is strongly recommended for all women who have the long hair smooth and fine. 

To make the waves or loops, get a curling iron or a simple straightening iron with a few techniques you will be able to curl your hair easily. Otherwise, if you have planned your hairdressing, braid your hair with several braids on damp hair, and let dry naturally to obtain light curls. 

To curl your hair with a straightener, wrap your hair around the closed iron, once, open the iron slightly, pass a strand inside and pull to pass your hair: here you are with pretty loops, easy to make. 


To achieve the hair bun At bohemian style, you have to separate the hair in two wicks on the front and back of the head. Keep a few strands, two very distinct, preferably at the front, which will frame your face. 

Then, most of the wicks are found at the back of the head, this is the part which will constitute the heart of the bohemian bun. You should avoid brushing your hair to keep the thick and tousled look of the bun. Use only your fingers to scratch the hair

STEP 3: TIE INTO A Ponytail

The ponytail is the basis of the bohemian bun. Gather your hair into a low tail so you can then work the hair bun on the neck.   

Tie an elastic band at the base of the neck, tightly so that the ponytail low does not come undone. 


The crucial moment arrives: the creation of the bun from the ponytail. You will need to backcomb and scrunch your hair a little. This step will allow you to have a very flowing and loose bun and not a tight bun which would aim more at adopting a hairdressing sophisticated and classic. 

Then attach the different wicks using snow pins and flat pliers. Help yourself by placing the snow clips in the flat pliers so that they hold better. 

If you feel that the bun is too loose, do not hesitate to overuse the snow clips, they are what will help to have a secure bun. 


Finally, you still have the small ones wicks which frame the face. Two choices are then available to you. You can either incorporate them into the bun using flat clips. Slide the strands to the base of the bun. You can also choose to keep the strands in the front and curl them to give a little more style to the hairdressing

To finish, remember to lightly lacquer the hairdressing for more support. And there you have it, you have a pretty, simple bohemian bun.


femme avec bandeau dans les cheveux


If you want to add decorative elements to your bun, you can opt for several accessories. The ribbon, for example, will give a romantic bohemian look to your bun. You can also opt for flower barrettes which will be ideal for a hairdressing of the bride. 

Finally, the headband is the classic element of the hairdressing Bohemia. Coupled with the bohemian style bun, you will have a casual style, but at the same time 100% hippie chic style.  


 femme avec chignons tressés

For all those who have already mastered the classic bohemian bun, why not try a new experiment capillary with a hairstyle braided. To do this, just do two tresses on each side of the hair, it should be a little loose with the wicks front. Tie the braids at the back of the head and secure them using flat clips and snow clips as for the simple bohemian bun. 

You can also add barrettes, flowers or even integrate ribbons into the tresses from departure for a hair bun truly exceptional. 

If you like jewelry why not dress your neck, then clear thanks to the bohemian bun, pretty  earrings dangling? They will give a very elegant look to your hairdressing

There you go, you know all the secrets of the bohemian bun, a /span>simple hairstyle, but which will have its effect when combined with lots of accessories to give free rein to your imagination and your creativity hair! Thanks to these hairstyle ideas, you will never lack inspiration again.