How to wear bohemian style?

If you prefer to have flowers in your hair, rather than diamonds on your neck, then this article is for you!

The bohemian chic style is described as being both bohemian and chic. It is a style of women's fashion that draws inspiration from various hippie and bohemian influences. The trend has been growing since 2000 and the movement's popularity can be attributed to actress Sienna Miller, Mischa Barton, Jade Jagger and model Kate Moss as well as Nicole Richie and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

 The term "bohemian" comes from an abbreviation of the word bohemian and, while the first bohemians happened to be travelers or refugees from central Europe (French bohemian translates to "Gypsies or Roma"), the term has now been translated more generally in a variety of senses.

 What makes the bohemian movement so inspiring is that it focuses on appearing natural and bringing out your individuality while accepting and combining your inner self with nature. The appearance has been a source of inspiration for many people due to its originality and youthfulness, as well as the unique appreciation of natural beauty, creativity and expression of a truly romantic spirit . 


Bohemian style inspiration for women

Earthy tones are key to this trend and creating the perfect bohemian-inspired look. Other colors such as burnt oranges, magenta and greens provide a perfect color palette for an earthy look. Bohemian basics include long "floaty" skirts, cutoff shorts, fur vests, embroidered tunics, cutoff jackets, large fake money belts, sheepskin boots (UGG), and cow boots -boy, sandals and "tramp bags". Including loose clothing made from sheer fabric or lace. The clothes are beautiful and creative, decorated with beads, embroidery and crochet details and other accessories.

Leather or wedge sandals are comfortable and casual, best when worn in neutral tones, but pops of color can be a fun way to make this trend your own. These are all great items for creating inspiration for a motivated bohemian look, although going barefoot is key to making the look chic, comfortable and long-lasting.

 The idea is to keep your look natural, minimalist makeup with natural, nude shades of eye shadow and concealer. The look is an expression of freedom, meaning you can break free from society's restrictions (including makeup), use light blush for a youthful glow, and create full lips using only a natural lip balm.

 vie de bohème


Everything looks natural, including your hair. Think luscious curly locks and pretty braids combined with clips, headbands and flowers to adorn your hair.

The most important aspect of bohemian chic is that there are no rules or guidelines, and you can accessorize yourself with complete freedom. The pieces were often inspired by nature, made from natural materials such as wooden bracelets, anklets, unique rings, shell earrings and dangling feather necklaces; then it's time to show them all at once and mix them to create unique and striking looks.

What's even more beautiful about the basics of bohemian is that most of the clothes worn are vintage and are linked to the vintage phenomenon of fashion, where the trend was to bring vintage styles into a modern era. Which, in its own way, is sustainable and a form of clothing recycling that is not only good for the planet, but also for your wallet. Bohemian chic combines organic, colorful, detailed and folk-inspired pieces with simple, modern pieces.

Comment porter le style bohème ?

The bohemian chic declination

One of the founders of the fashion movement, Sienna Miller, made bohemian popular after her appearance at the Glastonbury Festival in 2004 - her sister, designer Savannah Miller, described a "true bohemian" as "someone who can appreciate beauty on a deep level, is a deep romantic, knows no limits, whose world is his own creation, rather than living in a box.” 

The allure of bohemianism influenced a revival of fashion freedom and took the focus away from high street stores, as young women showed off their creative expression with their summer wardrobe.

The bohemian lifestyle

The bohemian represents a distinct lifestyle, filled with creativity, wanderlust, and disregard for the rules of fashion that originally emerged in the late 1960s. The “Summer of Love" of 1967 was the period of experimentation, and freedom was at its peak. Fashion movements and the hippie and bohemian lifestyle combine freedom and experimentation.

The bohemian lifestyle is an unconventional lifestyle, where people can express their individuality and artistic expression in the company of like-minded people. The beauty of this lifestyle is the respect for nature and living simply from what the Earth offers us; it is a lifestyle for those with free minds and wandering hearts.


“The long dress is perfect for the spring-summer seasons, as is a short dress for women or a straight-cut black dress, however you can also wear a high-waisted bohemian skirt with floral print juxtaposed with a tight-fitting tunic or even a round-neck blouse. If the weather turns cloudy, wear a little navy blue lace sweater.” Interested in becoming a bohemian? Don't hesitate to adopt one of her magnificent dresses. 



For adventurers, wanderers and even vagabonds who are all in search of something different, free from the shackles of society, they venture across the land to explore their literary, musical and artistic pursuits.

The term is often associated with various types of art and people who adopt this lifestyle are often anti-establishment and have very different political and social views, these alternative views are expressed in a different way, through the love, freedom which sometimes means poverty and voluntary frugality.

While not for everyone, the bohemian lifestyle has helped produce several prolific and prominent writers, artists, and musicians throughout history. Music is in many ways the key to the soul, and the bohemian movement expresses this through the use of simple instruments such as drums, tambourines and basic flutes. The lifestyle has served as inspiration for countless music festivals, and the fashion-related aspects of the lifestyle have been recognized by festival organizers.

 Although it is difficult to classify such a lifestyle purely in terms of words, it can best be described as "a person with artistic or intellectual tendencies, who lives and acts without regard to conventional rules of behavior."

 Being non-materialistic, art-centered, and having a wild desire to travel isn't for everyone, but it's a beautiful lifestyle that at least deserves recognition. For the countless people he has inspired and will continue to inspire, for the woman who wants to walk barefoot with flowers in her hair, for the man who wants to live off the Earth as nature intended... We hope we've cut to inspire you... how the bohemian chic lifestyle has inspired our ideas and wardrobes.

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