How to wear a bohemian dress in winter?

The wordbohemianis a word defined as. "Person who lives on the margins, without concern for the gaze of others" this definition fits perfectly with the tortuous path taken by the bohemian look, skirts, tops, blouses, sweaters, jackets... all dressed in floral or asymmetrical printed patterns that are both original and very chic. 

The bohemian movement is a style that focuses essentially on color and lifestyle, it highlights the joy of living and femininity no matter your morphology, your little or large size... If you are looking for an outfit that puts you in a good mood and gives you a cheerful and relaxed look, look to the bohemian side, you will soak up the this way of thinking that frees us from a dull and overly conformist world. Encroach on established rules, dare with unusual cuts, bright colors, diverse and varied fabrics; linen, silk, chiffon or lace.

Today people tend to no longer be satisfied with the little things in life, we don't realize that sometimes having color in your wardrobe, living like a bohemian doesn't want to not to say exile in a caravan. You can have a calm and established life and yet have a flame that burns within you every day, decorating your wardrobe is a way to let it flow. Keep bohemian fashion alive for decades.


What bohemian clothes to wear in winter?

In the collective mind the bohemian look is summed up by flowing outfits and light summer outfits, fine blouses, necklines, skirts and short dresses. But this is not the case, you will also find warm clothes for the cool seasons, pants, long-sleeved sweaters, coats and other warm women's clothing that will allow you to face the cold weather. winter always with this feminine and full of fantasy look that bohemian offers. 

Some outfit ideas Made in Bohème Infinity

We have made a small selection of outfits to wear this winter, just to give you a few ideas, so that you dazzle wherever you go.

- A sober and versatile outfit: Pair the winter bohemian sweater with simple jeans or if you want a slightly younger look, ripped jeans, all with a khaki trench coat and black pumps , your look will be fatal.

- Dare to combine colors: Put on a superb bohemian chic women's sweater , this oversized knitted sweater offers incredible comfort and warmth with this free top, for the bottom, canvas pants or white denim can be perfect and sneakers in leather will be the charming asset of your outfit

- An all-in-one outfit: You want to wear a dress despite the falling temperature, why not after all pair it with a blazer and tights, you will also need sneakers > and you can go out warm always in a light dress.