How to recognize bohemian crystal?

Hello bohemians, I hope you are well! Today we are going to talk about crystals and more specifically Bohemian crystal

You probably don't know what it is, so I'll explain. But for that you have to go to the 18th century. At this time, bohemia was illustrated in history and more particularly in crystal. The word crystal dates from the 15th century; the Venetians used this word to characterize objects made of fine and transparent glass. The bohemian crystal is hard and dazzling. 

The first versions are called “bohemian glass” because of its green color. But it is also well known under the name “Czechoslovak crystal”. Bohemian crystal is an astral tradition in the Czech Republic. But it is an object that is exported all over the world. Many say that bohemian glass is the best glass in the world. Bohemian makers have used the same method for hundreds of years so it is not possible to determine the age of a piece so finding an antique is very difficult. Bohemian crystal is used to make stemware, earrings, chandeliers, crystal glasses and vases. We need several characteristics to recognize it. We will ask ourselves how to recognize bohemian crystal?

Cristal de bohème

How to recognize bohemian crystal

The color of bohemian crystal 

In order to recognize bohemian crystal you have to go through several stages the first and the color test since the 19th centurybohemian glasscan be transparent pink, light blue, red, colbalt, green where slightly amber. The oldest ones were forest green and had a gold band or enamel border.

The lead content of bohemian crystal

To carry out this step we can hit a piece of glass with a light object such as nails, or delicately with a knife. The louder the tone, the higherthe lead contentis. Bohemian crystal must have at least 24% lead content.

The cuts 

Because the cuts are made by hand they are not uniform and similar. We must therefore examine the cuts using a magnifying glass. Fine bohemian glass should look like lace.

Wear and tear

Signs of wear should be found in places where fingers naturally surround the glass. These signs of wear are necessarily made randomly. So we still have to look through the magnifying glass. For information, you should definitely not put the bohemian crystal in the dishwasher because the heat is too high and the detergents are too aggressive, the glass will lose its natural shine.

The style achieved by bohemian crystal

The tailors who make bohemian crystal do exceptional things, there is grandeur, richness and audacity. It’s a particular style that we can recognize. What's more, sometimes there is no polishing on bohemian crystal jewelry, we can recognize them by the fact that they are raw and matte.

Bohemian glass or bohemian crystal?

Crystal definitions vary by country. But to put it simply, bohemian crystal is glass but in the crystal there is the presence of lead. If there is no lead it is not crystal. Bohemian crystal does not wear because it closely resembles rock crystal. The price of a bohemian glass or a bohemian crystal is not the same, of course it all depends on the object and the size, but bohemian crystal is still much more expensive.