How to dress bohemian in autumn?

The arrival of autumn will drastically change your look , yes unfortunately it is the end of fluid and light outfits the temperatures will cool down. Our stylists and we work hard to be able to offer you the best outfits, always in a bohemian style . Some bohemian dresses and short skirts 👗, now we are thinking about beautiful windbreaker jackets and beautiful coats with prints. Embroidered round-neck sweatshirts , a whole range of warm clothing will soon make a thunderous arrival on our site, you will be informed, don't worry. However, bohemians like you know very well, we regularly recommend wearing gladiator sandals, sandals and sneakers in summer👟 but our know-how does not allow us to offer you pairs. So every day we go on the hunt for the prettiest pairs that would delight bohemians like you.

These days we are in need of modernity, we no longer want moccasins, ankle boots seen and reviewed, we prefer closed shoes also to pumps 👠 which when it rained or it may not protect you in the least. Don't think that sneakers can prevent your feminine nature from coming out, on the contrary, pairs of lightweight canvas sneakers for women are often considered very casual, However, these pairs are worn by city women who pair them with bland slim or skinny jeans with low waists in blue or black. No one until now has thought of combining the bohemian style with the casual streetwear look, be the ambassadors of a brand new trend that is both comfortable and adaptable to all occasions.

The rare pearl in terms of bohemian style.

Adopt a pair of classic white shoes like a pair of converse. This pair of shoes is both very chic and classic with its deep black color enhanced by white stitching which blends into a cream sole. The collaboration between Converse and the Japanese brand CDG is easily recognizable by its unique red heart shape ❤️ to which we added a small pair of mischievous eyes which always remain on the alert. These shoes have a class in addition to being unrivaled comfortable, while keeping their touch of fantasy so precious, they in fact reflect our own personality, we have grown up, developed our own style but we have retained this part of childish madness in each of us. So now there are no more excuses for refusing an outing with your friends, you have a dressing room that highlights you and sets you apart from other women, what a shame if you don't show off your superb outfits and above all your shoes so rare and original.

Perfect outfit creation workshop for a bohemian in autumn

For this fall we thought about the perfect outfit.

Opt for a bohemian denim jacket with bright colors on the back, accompany this beautiful jacket with a bohemian blouse with long sleeves, or a superb white shirt always with long sleeves, don't forget that we are no longer in summer . As for the bottom, free your imagination, a skirt or pants 👖 can do the trick. With this outfit you are free to go to school, to work, or even to a romantic date to meet your soul mate. 

And finally add the superb pair that we recommended to you, you know where to find it now and the pleasure of seeing bohemian women in the street wearing this pair.🌺