How to choose your wedding dress?

Choosing your wedding dress is a real challenge for any woman wanting a perfect wedding. So you are thinking, which one should I choose? Indeed, wedding dresses are not like evening dresses. Of course, the woman of the 21st century needs clothing capable of revealing the most beautiful curves of her body, her natural beauty, her romantic character... So to do this, she must choose her ceremony piece strong> according to several elements, which adapt to your portfolio, from ready-to-wear to haute couture!

A wedding dress according to your body shape

Without worrying about complexity, each body shape, with the chest and the hips, can be highlighted thanks to the cut, shape, material and color of >the wedding dress. So, don't worry, whatever your body type, you will be able to choose perfect dress models and proudly display this fabric. However, you must first define your morphology to know which curves you want to highlight.

Today, there are no less than seven body types. As you can imagine, they are all so different from each other. It is therefore important to understand them. The latter take letter names, generally corresponding to the shape of your bust which will itself form the bustier. Read carefully and look in the mirror to define your body shape. So there is the A, V, X, H, I morphology, and finally, the O morphology (rather high waisted). This is the first step to choosing your perfect wedding dress and dressing it up for the day of your ceremony!

Then, know that your body shape adapts, during fittings, to different cuts and sizes of wedding dresses, just like an evening dress. This is the advantage... Every body shape has an incredible choice of long dress in a collection. So, define now, which cut best suits your body shape? The answer is simple, you simply have to find which piece is best suited to your body, to your curves. Depending on your body type, outfits such as a flowing wedding dress, a printed dress, a draped dress, a bodycon dress or loose, a plus size wedding dress or a princess dress could be your possible outfit for the happiest day of your life. The cut of the clothing is important and must be adjusted, but the color and fabric must also match (like your wedge heels) with your body shape! So your ideas are becoming clearer?

robe de mariée bohème

The wedding dress will depend on the style of your ceremony

You may have already chosen the style, full of femininity, in which your ceremony will take place, or on the contrary, you are waiting to choose among the wedding dresses to do so. In any case, you will find the perfect dress you need for the wedding style you want, and what's more, in the trends. Your outfit will beautify you, that's for sure, but the environment associated with it must make it magical and give you the elegant look you need. So, it is important to define the style of long dress you want as well as the wedding style. The two should go divinely well together.

First of all, if you have already chosen your dress style, it is important to define the wedding style that will flatter it. It's obvious, so you already know if your dress for a wedding is chic, romantic, sensual, glamorous , elegant, sexy , simple, or all these styles at the same time! So, among these styles, for women, choose the one or those that best match your wedding dress to create the universe you need for your wedding. This consistent style will make choosing your dress the best decision of your life! However, one style of dress stands out from the others to suit that of your wedding. This is the bohemian style , inspired by the 70s, which can be chic, romantic, sensual, glamorous, elegant and sexy. And what's more, it presents a very pure and magical simplicity and goes perfectly with each personality and wedding style. This style is available on the dress boutique.

If you have already chosen your civil wedding style, you can simply compare the ball gown, during the fitting, to your decoration, to the ceremony location, to the groom's outfit... C This is how your dress will reach its full potential of beauty and perfection and will stand out from those of your bridesmaids. As future brides, you can be proud!

robe de mariée bohème blanche

Choose a wedding dress according to your tastes and the emotion it gives you

So you now know how to adapt your wedding dress to your curve and even combine your exceptional piece with the style of your wedding. The little wedding dress of your dreams and perfect for you is soon chosen! Although you know a wide choice of long or short dresses, you still don't know which one to choose? So we will explain to you how to make the final choice in a dress store. This is without a doubt the most important thing you have to take before your ceremony which will be completely splendid. It will indeed determine how you will reveal your natural beauty and your feminine allure in this unique outfit, not just a long evening dress or a cocktail dress, as well as self-confidence before going from young lady to madame! So, after reading this, you can be sure, you will make the right choice of ceremony dress.

Among the collection ofwedding dressesthat you can wear, the most perfect one for you will depend on your tastes. You are a true woman of the 21st century who asserts herself and who knows exactly her tastes, so you will be if your exceptional piece is truly the one you want for your ball. Whether with or without a veil, withlong sleeves, with short sleeves or without sleeves, with lace, decorated with pearls, flowers or with rhinestones and sequins, embroidered or not, backless or with closed back, with a V neckline, a high neck or with a round neck, your short wedding dress will highlight your tastes and the simplicity as well as the chic that you reflect. So, think about it and you will be able to wear your fairy fabric without worrying about whether your dress is popular or not since it will be you who chose it.

Your guest dress must also be able to give you incredible emotion on this type of occasion. This is why you must listen to your heart before making a decision. This outfit will be the most attractive in your wardrobe because you will know that it gives you well-being, confidence or even joy, whether in spring summer or fall winter.

So convinced? Obviously ! If you follow all of our advice, you will definitely find thewedding dress of your dreamsthat will adapt to your body shape, your wedding style, and all of your your taste. Don't hesitate to combine the bride's wedding outfit with pumps, a suit or even jewelry! You can now choose your wedding dress calmly and with self-confidence, to enhance yourself. Take advantage before you can sip, full of elegance, your cocktail on the day of your ceremony like a duchess!