How to decorate a bohemian bedroom?

Your bedroom in your apartment or house is the room where you generally feel safest. It’s a quiet room, which belongs to you and allows you to refocus on yourself. Nice to escape from, you can rest and forget your long tiring days in this room. To feel good, this room must be cosy and relaxing, but above all to your liking! You will see in this article how to decorate your bedroom in a bohemian chic style!


What colors for a bohemian bedroom?

For a bohemian bedroom decoration, opt for warm colors like beige or a cream color and don't hesitate to add a touch of color like pink pale, yellow or even red to add cheerfulness to your room. Focus on accessories and small colored decorations to brighten up your room. The colors of a bohemian bedroom are numerous, from electric blue to gray or simply white, give free rein to your imagination by trying not to overload your room with color for a result harmoniousand warm

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The color of the walls in your bohemian bedroom!

You are probably wondering what colors you are going to paint your walls after having decided on the color of your bohemian chic decoration for your bedroom. Depending on your desire for decorating your room, you can easily know if it is better to put color on the walls or stick to white walls. White walls in a bohemian bedroom are a classic, which you can dress up with beautiful paintings and mirrors. But nothing stops you from painting one of the walls of your room another color! A yellow, green, electric blue, beige or pale pink wall will bring cheerfulness or softness to your bedroom! If one of your walls is painted a different color, be careful with the decor you add to your room so that the colors match. The colored wall can also be decorated with beautiful mirrors or beautiful canvases with bohemian motifs. You can of course mix the colors of your decoration, but be careful not to overdo it to maintain a certain harmony in your bohemian room!

What textiles should you adopt in the bohemian style?

In a bedroom, textiles are a major element to take care of for a cozy nest feeling. In the bohemian style , opt for a mix of textiles and fabrics. Here are some ideas for textiles and patterns to bring to your bedroom for a total bohemian style :

  • Linen: Opt for beautiful colored linen cushions to dress up your hippie chic bed!
  • Velvet: velvet is very nice for cushions or beautiful curtains!
  • Silk or satin: silk or satin sheets will be perfect in a bohemian bedroom!
  • Faux fur: add a beautiful colored throw on your bed or on a bohemian faux fur armchair!
  • Rattan: chair, mirrors, baskets, ceiling lights, add a touch of rattan to your bedroom decoration for a refined and trendy style!
  • Embroidery: embroidery is a nice bohemian touch in a bedroom. A cushion on your bed or an embroidered wall decoration will make your room incredibly chic!
  • Ethnic patterns: these ethnic patterns are essential in bohemian decoration. They can be highlighted in your room on a rug, a wall hanging or cushions!
  • Floral patterns: bring cheerfulness withbeautiful cushions with floral patterns in your bohemian bedroom!

Decorative objects for a bohemian chic bedroom!

In a bohemian chic bedroom, focus on numerous decorative objects that will make it classy, ​​harmonious and relaxing. Here are some ideas for decorative objects for your beautiful and relaxing classy bohemian bedroom!

  • Woven baskets: essential for bohemian chic, you will fall for these baskets to store your throws, cushions, makeup, books, as well as all your little mess. 
  • Dream catchers: opt for dream catchers or hippie chic style to hang in your room to fight bad dreams!
  • The Berber rug: Soft with hand-painted geometric patterns, this classic floor touch in the bohemian chic style will be perfect in your bedroom!
  • Wall decoration: mirror or painting, opt for a pure style on your walls with for example a beautiful painting with ethnic motifs, a wall decoration in the shape of a cactus, or a pretty bohemian veil or scarf!
  • Flowers: add a bit of nature to your room with natural, dried or artificial flowers or plants, with a beautiful woven bohemian planter or vase, beige or brown.
  • The wall hanging: a bohemian touch on your walls in addition to a pretty mirror and welcome! Opt for a wall hanging with hippie chic patterns, with fringes, we love it! 
  • A bed canopy: Add a bed canopy and give a cocooning and bohemian atmosphere! Canopy or four-poster bed will be perfect for a hippie chic decoration!
  • Macramé : use macramé objects to hang your flower pots or curtains!

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What lighting to use in a bohemian bedroom?

Lighting is important in a bedroom, and is an integral part of the decoration! Opt for beautiful bohemian rattan pendant lights that hover over your room. Also add a beautiful bedside lamp that makes you want to look at the bed area of ​​your room! Bring a cocooning touch with beautiful light garlands! What could be better than beautiful lighting for this room where you spend so much time!

A bohemian bedroom for the fall-winter season!

For the cold seasons ofautumn and winter, your bohemian bedroom can be transformed for this time of year! Add elements to your decoration such as candles in every corner of your room, light garlands as well as large throws on your bed, on your armchair or on a pouf ! All these bohemian details will bring a calm and cocooning atmosphere to your room! Perfect for spending days in bed under a blanket accompanied by hot chocolate in front of a good series!

A bohemian bedroom for the spring-summer seasons!

After the seasons of cold wind, the beautiful seasons arrive with their heat and their burning sun! In spring-summer, your bedroom can forget about dark colors and make way for colors that give off a good mood! Of course, nothing prevents you from keeping all the colors or decoration of your room but small details can be added for these radiant seasons! First of all, remove the ton of throws that are in your room, you will be way too hot! You can still keep one on your bed as decoration! For a touch of good humor and cheerfulness, add a touch of nature with beautiful plants, but don't forget to water them! 

Whether you want a bohemian bedroom for the whole year or just to warm up your winter, focus on colors, materials and accessories. Velvet, macramé, rattan, ethnic patterns, the range of choices for the bohemian style is immense! Find the textiles, colors and decorative objects that you like to give a relaxing, calm and cozy feel to your room.