How to be a fashionable woman?

Does dressing style matter to you? Do you just want to find new inspiration for your dressing? You're always wondering how to achieve a fashionable style, but you don't know where to start. The fashionable woman is above all a woman who takes responsibility and feels good. Women's fashion comes in several styles, and at Bohème Infinity we believe that a fashionable woman is above all a woman who has style. So, take some distance from the dictates of fashion and let yourself go. So follow this little guide to be a stylish woman, but above all to be awoman comfortable in her skin

Fashion, a story of style

“Fashion goes out of fashion, style never goes out of fashion” Coco Chanel

fashion is not just about the concrete application of current trends, it is above all the reflection of a style and to help you flourish it is above all the reflection of YOUR style. Don't let yourself be blindly influenced bycurrent trendsand don't limit yourself to popular trends. Let your style speak, because more than being 'fashionable', you will feel good in your clothes and will radiate a special aura around you. You could even become, on your own scale, the next trend influencer. 

Trendy ready-to-wear styles

Now we need to look for your style. The one that suits you best, the one that will make you happy, because yes, dressing is above all a source of pleasure, it is certainly not a constraint. No matter what you decide to wear, you must be comfortable, and more than being physically comfortable, it must psychologically trigger positive emotions

Among the very fashionable styles, we find the classic style, it is timeless and it adapts throughout the collections. It will be perfect for you who love iconic pieces like the blazer and the moccasins, as well as neutral colors such as black, navy blue, beige, white or even gray. Then, in a variation of the classic style, we can take inspiration from the revisited classic. We add to the previous elements slightly brighter colors, such as ochre, terracotta, without forgetting, denim accessories (denim jacket, denim clutch, and many others) which are and will always remain trendy.  

For all women who feel comfortable exuding the energy of a self-made woman, an independent woman, why not opt ​​for the businesswoman style? Make the blazer a second skin and overuse heeled shoes, pumps or boots will do the trick. Black and gray are the key colors of this style. Once again, this is just a starting point, vary these styles as you please. 

The bohemian style is also one of the classics and timeless ones. It is a style with which we mix floral, ethnic prints and lace . We dare to wear skirts and long dresses with loose and flared cuts, the key word of this style is comfort. We focus on pastel, bright, but clear colors: light blue, white, ivory, pale pink. The bohemian style can be compared to the hippie chic style , which draws inspiration from traditional Indian-American and Mexican outfits. For this style, we opt for embroidered pieces: bohemian dresses , bohemian skirts , blouses or even embroidered blouses. We don't hesitate to mix bright colors either. 

For those who prefer a more casual style, but closer to the body, consider the casual style by wearing basic and comfortable clothes. The trench coat, slim pants and jeans, as well as black leather sneakers are the wardrobe essentials for adopting the casual style. It corresponds to all morphologies, and to all women. To give a casual chic dimension, consider accessorizing your outfits

This is a non-exhaustive list of styles, there are no less than fifty of them and they are constantly evolving and creating new ones. For less than ten years, we have noted the appearance of new styles thanks to new technologies, such as E-girl, VSCO girl, or even baddies. The appearance of these styles, whether they suit you or not, shows that style is a concept that evolves, it is not an intangible truth, new styles are created and they can be mixed. Nothing forces you to settle for one style. So, since they evolve, why should you remain constant in your choices? Let yourself go according to your emotions and your desires. Understand and learn about dressing styles to find and create your own. 

Rely on timeless pieces that suit you

To be fashionable, what's better than relying on timeless pieces? They will fit perfectly throughout the collections. 

First timeless piece: theblue jean. It is a garment which, since its creation by Levi Strauss, never went out of fashion, it was then used as work clothing. Jeans, much more than being a timeless piece of clothing, is a symbol: in the 1950s, it was synonymous with youth and emancipation. Throughout the collections and depending on the styles, jeans come in several ways: raw jeans, faded jeans, jeans with holes, jeans with patches or embroidery. In short, jeans exist in so many forms that you will find the one that suits you. A new collection of bohemian jeans soon on the store? Why not...

As for shoes, what's better than a good pair of ankle boots? These little flat shoes or with a small heel are timeless. We find boots from one collection to another in leather, suede, patent leather, in white, black or many colors, with colorful patterns, imitation crocodile or python textiles... There should be a pair that looks like you. 

The little black dress is the essential item of clothing in your wardrobe if you like to wear dresses. Long sleeves or short sleeves, round neck or V-neck, it will enhance silhouettes because black is an adaptable and ideal color to perfect your style. If you want a little black dress for women that is a little more unusual, why not opt for one black shirt-style dressr

So, convinced? Will these little pieces find their place in your wardrobe? Don't forget that ultimately you can very well distance yourself from these items and invest in those that will be timeless pieces for you. You are free to decide how to wear these clothes which will accompany you throughout your life and your different styles. Thefashionable womanis a woman who evolves through her passions. 

Place to purchase clothes

Go through your mom's closet

Then, the woman in fashion is not necessarily a woman who jumps on the first article that comes out as atop-trend, she is a woman who knows how to search. So what's better than mom's closet to find pieces from past collections? The comeback of the vest or sleeveless sweater worn over a shirt or blouse is a perfect example. 

And finally, go shopping!

Of course, as strong as they are, moms don't always have everything. Now is the time to put on your most comfortable outfit and go shopping. In the city, in a shopping center or from your sofa, again let yourself be carried away by what suits you best. Who said you have to go out shopping in the rain when you can now stay warm on your couch and surf on all possible and unimaginable sites? 

At Bohème Infinity, you can find pieces that suit you and even more if you want to adopt a bohemian hippie style available in all forms: bohemian chic, romantic bohemian, hippie chic. The choice is quite wide so cheers and smiles, scroll through the site and let your inspiration speak.