How to do hippie makeup?

How to do hippie makeup? 

The hippie chic style is found in clothing, decoration, but also in makeup! To complete your bohemian look , or for a festival like Coachella in California, dare to wear hippie chic makeup! The makeup palette of this style is immense so why not try it? In this article, you will see how to achieve hippie style makeup!

The complexion for a hippie chic style!

For your complexion, nothing could be simpler: moisturize your skin with your usual day cream or bb cream, your anti-wrinkle and your usual eye contour. Make up your complexion with your foundation as well as your concealer or corrector to camouflage your small imperfections! However, choose products that match your skin type! The bohemian touch of your complexion is especially found in the highlighter! Add golden highlighter to your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and the inner corner of your eye to brighten up your face! To finish off your complexion, add a glamorous and romantic touch with a light blush on your cheeks! To ensure your complexion remains luminous for as long as possible, add mattifying powder, compact to apply with a brush for a long-lasting result! A final bohemian touch can also be added, but is far from necessary; If you don't have a freckle, you can create one with black or brown pencils that you will blend. Be careful, the effect must still remain natural!

Eye makeup for a hippie chic style!

After complexion, eye makeup is very important in a beauty treatment to enhance your look! Your makeup must be harmonious with yourbohemian outfit, if your outfit already contains a lot of colors or patterns, keep your natural makeup light. An eye shadow in light shades, a black eyeliner or in the colors of your outfit as well as a golden highlighter in the inner corner of your eye and you will only be missing one touch, mascara for perfect eyelashes! Opt for a waterproof mascara to be sure it doesn't come off. You can also add false eyelashes for a more voluminous effect! After all that, you're ready for a day of bohemian eye makeup! If you are unsure about colors or how to enhance your look and make it intense, consult a makeup artist!

Lip makeup for a hippie chic style!

If you like to wear lip makeup, go for reds; don't deprive yourself of a beautifulbohemian makeup! However, if your outfit already has colors and your eye makeup is already busy, opt for nude lipstick or gloss shades! A very light pink would be perfect! After putting on your lipstick, add a gloss on top for a shiny, thicker effect! To intensify your mouth, apply a lip pencil to the contours of your lips!

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Hippie chic makeup à la Coachella!

Coachella is a festival in California known for its music, but also for the outfits and makeup of the people who attend! A bohemian and hippie chic style stands out a lot at this festival! Here are some makeup ideas for evening makeup or a bohemian festival such as Coachella:

  • Complexion: Do as usual with your complexion! Foundation and touch of blush!
  • Eyes: For a festival like this, colors and glitter are there! Try a nest shadow on your eyelid for adiscreet lookor a bright color with black, colored or glitter eyeliner! Dare to use bright colors!
  • Lips: For your lips, it all depends on the eye makeup, even if you need color and glitter, your makeup must also be harmonious! Opt for red or nest, it all depends on the eye colors and your outfit!
  • Glitter: In this type of evening and festival, you need an extra bohemian touch on your face! To do this, add glitter, pearls, stars or something else on your forehead, above your eyebrows or under your eyes! 
  • Highlighter: In everyday bohemian makeup, highlighter is important. In this type of event, it is essential! On your cheekbones, on the inner side of your eye, on the nose as well as on the hollow of your upper lip, dare to use highlighter without moderation to bring out the light and beauty of your face!

Nails for a hippie chic style!

If you like doing your nails and want a hippie style, it is possible to combine the two! Opt for brightly colored nail polish on your hands or feet for any season! You can also combine colors, for a perfect result with a bohemian chic style!

The hairstyle for a chic hippie style!

Highlight your bohemian makeup with a beautiful hairstyle! If you prefer to wear your hair down, you can wave it for a hippie chic style! If, on the contrary, you want to tie them up instead, make two braids or one braid that you tie into a low bun! You can also add scarves or big scrunchies to your hair to accessorize your hairstyle and accentuate the bohemian style!

Accessories for a hippie chic style!

To complete an outfit and hippie chic makeup, nothing better than beautiful accessories! To do this, here are some accessory ideas to complete your total bohemian look:

  • Jewelry: Add beautiful bohemian jewelry to your outfit like beautiful white earrings, a necklace, a bracelet and pretty gold, silver or white rings. You can also dress your ankles with pearl or shell jewelry!
  • Bags: To complete a look, you absolutely need a bag! For the bohemian style, opt for a handbag, a clutch or a shoulder bag! Add a bag to your outfit so that the look is harmonious. Choose a bag in white, brown, beige, straw, with fringes or with patterns, treat yourself!
  • Scarves: As said before, add a pretty scarf to your hair for the perfect style! Brightly colored, or with prints, the choice of scarves is enormous in the bohemian chic style!
  • The hat: If your hair is down, why not opt ​​for a beautiful hat! You can match this one to your bag for a touch of harmony!White, beige, brown or straw, add the hat that suits you!
  • The belt: Add a pretty belt to your outfit! On your dresses or pants, dare to add a touch of color or pattern for a total bohemian chic look!

Thehippie chic styleis very broad. An outfit, accessories or even makeup, treat yourself with this style! The range of choices in this universe is very large. If you want light makeup or on the contrary very colorful like for Coachella, everything is possible! Play with nuances of style and color with bohemian chic!