The ultimate guide to the bohemian lifestyle

Bohemian style is more than just a fashion trend, it is a real culture in its own right, a culture that comes with a very specific ideology and a complex history. Although it is linked to the hippie style of the years, bohemian fashion is an integral part of the culture. But in reality, bohemian chic fashion really began as a sort of aristocratic counterculture in the 19th century. Today, the wide variety of bohemian clothing and accessories make it a phenomenon, a look that follows fashion guidelines, with flowing clothes as well as casual and romantic accessories. The bohemian style is above all a hodgepodge of artistic and creative elements.

Fashions like bohemian or hippie also represent a certain lifestyle ideology that accompanies them: in fact, bohemian provides an alternative to the traditional way of dressing in our society. Associated with an equally alternative lifestyle the bohemian is much more liberated and stands up against capitalist society as well as materialism.

2. History of the bohemian style

TheBohemianstyle is defined as an alternative type of fashion, different from other current trends of a given period. In fact, this exact definition applies to the entire history of the trend. More than 200 years ago, the term bohemian denoted an exotic sense of style, generally associated with artists of the time, as well as writers and some eccentric intellectuals.   

Histoire du boheme


The beginnings

The first mention of the Bohemians dates from the end of the 18th century, at the time of the French Revolution. At the time, due to the economic and social climate, creators and artists were forced to live in poverty. As a result, in their rudimentary way of life the artists of the 18th began to dress in old and worn clothing. once the social climate was relatively stabilized, artists began to express their art through clothing.


The general perception of the time was that artists dressed similarly to nomadic gypsies, who had their origins in the Balkan region of Eastern Europe, in a region called Bohemia. Ultimately, "bohemia " has gradually become a synonym for a counterculture, relatively associated with limitless creativity, as well as a total disregard for codes generational and dominant trends.


French romantics and bohemians

Towards the middle of the 19th century, the Romantics (intellectuals who identified with the Romantic art of the period) associated themselves with the French bohemians. Groups began incorporating floral clothing, oriental-inspired clothing, medieval elements, and colorful materials into their looks, as well as gypsy-inspired accessories and hair, old coats, and distressed fabrics. Although appreciated by many at the time, these details were all very different from the fashions of the time.


The aesthetic movement

Over time, the style of bohemians has evolved considerably. What started as a necessity (dressing poorly because of poverty) became an ideology - an ideology against materialism, pro-communal living spaces, against social conventions. Later Bohemians participated in the contemporary fashion movement, which opposed the stiff corsets and crinolines of the time. The music and literature of the time gradually began to make reference to bohemianism, this new and recently developed counter-culture, with artists such as Puccini Henri Murger admiring certain masterpieces linked to the bohemian style.


Bohemian icons of the early 20th century

At the beginning of the 20th century, designers began to push bohemian fashion at a higher level. Among them we could find Paul Poiret, who added a lot of ethnic details in his designs, including Middle Eastern and Russian elements. To the same extent, designer William Morris created a variety of innovative new patterns for home decor and fashion, including lush floral prints, and highly decorative swirls of paisleys asserting a complex and sophisticated style. END.


The hippie era

In the 1960s, bohemian style took on a new meaning, one that would change the definition of fashion. At a time when hippie style opposed traditionalist lifestyles, new styles of clothing, including loose long dresses, ethnic patterns, short flowing dresses, turquoise color prints, small fringes on accessories as well that silhouettes with a slightly flared cut, gradually began to become more and more popular. The hippies rejected all modern culture including materialism as well as traditional ideologies, from social constructs to established institutions, what was evident in their ways of thinking was that they went against the polished, capitalist streamlined silhouettes and elegant styles of the last decade.


3. A bohemian wardrobe: 20 essential clothes

style boheme

If you can't wait to start a bohemian wardrobe, this capsule collection filled with bohemian clothing and accessories is a great place to start. What you need to start a boho look are these 20 essential key pieces that you can easily mix and match. The good news about the Bohemian route is that almost everything matches everything. From tops to bottoms, outerwear to accessories and one-of-a-kind pieces, here's our sample capsule collection to help you get started.

The color palette:

Couleur bohème

One of the easiest rules to follow when it comes to creating a capsule bohemian wardrobe is to start from a curated color palette.

  • Tip 1: Include warm and cool tones. A good general rule is to opt for a collection in 6 to 12 shades. Choose less if you are moving towards a minimalist style and more if you like prints and are aiming for a bohemian look.
  • Tip #2: Incorporate three tones of brown (caramel, chestnut, latte) or four tones of blue (turquoise, steel, sky blue and navy) and avoid solitary, isolated colors. This tip will help you maintain a wardrobe where everything is easily matched, which adds to the versatility of the collection
  • Tip 3: Include neutrals, pastels and rich tones. Avoid artificial colors, neon colors, and highly saturated clothing.
  • Tip 4: Mixing prints is much easier when you start with a palette of shades, which is why it's essential to think carefully about your color palette.


Different ideas for getting a bohemian style.

Here are some ideas of high that we recommend to obtain a bohemian look.

Hauts bohème

  • Top in white lace, 
  • Top printed ethnic peasant
  • Tunic with mixed print
  • Embroidered Prairie Blouse

Things you should look for when purchasing a bohemian top:

  • Loose, relaxed fits
  • Bishop style bell, trumpet and sleeves
  • Half-length and three-quarter-length sleeves
  • Various decorative additions: pompoms, ethnic prints, etc.
  • V-neck, shoulder cutouts
  • Mixed printing patterns
  • Embroidery

Ideas for down to give a bohemian style: 

Jupe bohème


  • Flared jeans,
  • Long printed skirt
  • Shorts in ripped denim, 
  • Harem pants

Elements you should look for when purchasing bohemian pants: 

  • Flared silhouettes
  • Floating and flying skirts
  • Mixed print skirts
  • Casual adjustments
  • Embroidery

Ideas for robes Bohemia :

robe boheme


Things to look for when getting a bohemian dress :

  • Loose, relaxed fits, A-line cuts
  • Bishop style bell, trumpet and sleeves
  • Half-length and three-quarter-length sleeves
  • Meadow patterns on the outside of the shoulder
  • Mixed printing patterns
  • Embroidery

Ideas for robes bohemian: 

Veste boheme


  • Aged denim jacket, 
  • Sheepskin coat, 


Things to look for when adopting a bohemian jacket:

  • Elements in difficulty
  • Slightly oversized silhouettes
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Decorative fringes and trims


Ideas for shoes bohemian for your look: 

Chaussure boheme

  • Gladiator sandals,
  • Ethnic wood similarity heel,
  • Embroidered suede ankle boots,


Things to look for when choosing bohemian shoes:

  • Natural and warm shades like brown, beige and gray.
  • Wooden accents
  • Embroidery
  • Comfortable thick heels
  • Platform heels
  • Low cowboy boots


Ideas of accessories to perfect your bohemian outfit: 

accessoire boheme


  • Brown fringe bag,
  • Drawstring bag for ethnic bucket,
  • Turquoise Jewelry 
  • Oversized scarf, 


Things to look for when choosing a bohemian accessory:


  • Fringes, strings and other finishes
  • Ethnic print motifs 
  • Antique jewelry style
  • Rattan bags and belts
  • Braid details
  • Patchwork patterns


  • 4. Bohemian style: Materials, patterns, techniques and elements

    Bohemian style comes with a wide range of cut designs, as well as equally numerous materials and patterns. Typically, bohemian designs incorporate natural materials in hues and patterns related to  art and rustic elements. Thus, we can find many ethnic, folkloric and floral motifs. We have compiled for you a series of all the main bohemian patterns and prints that exist, starting from the most commonly used fabrics to the most iconic prints and patterns.


    The different bohemian materials

    matériaux boheme


    • Lace:  Bohemian lace is generally more rustic in appearance than delicate silk lace, and most often it comes in white or ivory hues.
    • Crochet: first cousin of lace, generally used for interior decoration. It can also be used for bags, bikinis or even dresses. 
    • Leather: faux or real, in shades of natural brown or taupe and preferably worn.
    • Denim: Best in colors that are generally light, dark or faded. 
    • Suede: generally used in the creation of accessories. It is the basic material for Bohemian shoes.
    • Wood: generally used for shoe platforms, bracelets, beads and other jewelry;
    • Turquoise: the most popular bohemian gem, it mainly adorns rings, earrings and necklaces;
    • Rattan: used in the creation of bags and shoes.


    The various bohemian patterns

    matériaux boheme


    • Trellis: a symmetrical pattern that comes in a variety of shapes, from stylized to highly ornamental Moroccan-inspired patterns, characteristic of earthenware tiles and bohemian clothing.
    • Ikat: this pattern is also a weaving technique. It consists of holding the dyeing of fabrics in resistance before weaving them to create a deformation effect. 
    • Floral: Large scale, small scale, colorful or muted, bohemian flowers are anything but old-fashioned and minimalist. 
    • Tribal: Inspired by African cultures, tribal prints are a staple in bohemian clothing, often found in bright and colorful hues.
    • Kilim: generally used for Turkish rugs and then reinvented as coats. It perfectly adorns bags and winter jackets. It gives an impression of handmade tapestries patterns.
    • Cashmere: Originating from Persia, cashmere is a very complex and ornamental exotic pattern, often with mysterious symbolism.
    • The Mesh: the trellis is a repetitive pattern which is not necessarily bohemian, but which is often found in quite sophisticated boho style clothing.

    Bohemian techniques

    matériaux boheme

    • Macrame: It is a type of knotting technique, used to produce textiles and interior decoration. In addition, it is often found in the creation of vests, beach blankets and bags.
    • Tie-dye: Borrowed from 60s hippie culture, tie-dye is a technique used to produce groovy patterns. 
    • Ripped, vintage and worn, a trademark of bohemian style, ripped jeans and leather are the most popular within hippie culture.
    • Patchwork:  Used in the creation of bags (textile or leather) or incorporated into clothing designs, either as the main textile or as an appliqué.

    Bohemian finishes: 

    • Embroidery: it allows you to add an artistic touch to clothing and accessories. 
    • Fringe: made of leather, rope or thread it is used to decorate boots, bags, jackets, vests, kimonos and more. 
    • Pom poms: They add a newer touch and aesthetic to the outfit, pom poms are used to adorn dresses, blouses and bikinis;
    • Studs: another embellishment used mainly on accessories and shoes, but also on outerwear;

    matériaux boheme



    5. Influencers advocate bohemian style

    Influence boheme

    Bohemian style has always been considered counterculture - until the early 2000s, of course. Due to celebrity culture, the bohemian style, as well as bohemian chic, eventually reached mainstream status and entered the culture. With movie stars, singers, models, as well as famous fashion celebrities wearing suede jeans, corchet dresses and tunics, boho style has become an iconic trend in itself.


    The Bohemians of the disco era

    Before the 2000s, stars like Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks and Donna Summer fully embraced the bohemian trend during the disco era and the hippie 60s and 70s. Although the bohemian trend has been adopted by many subcultures, these particular decades did not fully embrace the artistic trend to its fullest extent. What did these divas have in common? An array of cape-shaped shawls, top hats, circular sunglasses, winged sleeves and flared pants, as well as an abundance of floral designs.


    The most influential bohemian influencers of the early 2000s

    1. Rachel Zoe

    She's a key figure in the bohemian trend - and it's not because she's high profile, but because she acted as the mastermind behind the scenes. We're talking about celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, who rose to fame in the early 2000s, when she began styling celebrities who would soon become some of the most popular bohemian style icons. This is a good example: Nicole Ritchie.


    1. Nicole Ritchie

    Nicole Ritchie is, without a doubt, one of the main culprits behind the bohemian renaissance of the 2000s. Not only is the socialite/reality star/fashion stylist one of the most influential boho-cool and boho trendsetters -chic, but it also has its own lines inspired by bohemian aesthetics. Plus, Nicole is a pro at fitting clothes that work perfectly, as well as an expert at mixing and matching prints and maxi dresses.


    1. Sienna Miller

    Another celebrity who has revived the bohemian trend: Sienna Miller, has been rocking the bohemian chic look since the early 2000s. Sienna takes an eclectic approach to bohemian style, combining elements that aren't supposed to go together, but do. in a magical way. Part of the original batch of modern celebrities who rocked bohemian fashion, Sienna has let her style evolve over the years. More recently, the actress has turned to a more sophisticated look for the red carpet, but she's kept her notoriously messy boho look for casual weekends.


    1. Vanessa Hudgens

    While she currently describes her style as simply "chic," Vanessa Hudgens was once the queen of bohemian-chic. While she keeps it glamorous on the red carpet, Vanessa walks the paparazzi in summer music festival-ready ensembles. Like Nicole Ritchie, Vanessa's favorites are long dresses, suede boots, jeans, loose t-shirts and flowing skirts.

    Other honorable mentions

    Zoe Kravitz - With parents like Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz and a stepfather like Jason Momoa, it's no wonder that actress Zoe Kravitz is a true pioneer of bohemian style. Therefore, Zoe is an expert when it comes to bohemian looks whether she is rocking the red carpet or taking a stroll around the paparazzi she never stops elevating the boho style.

    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen- Although they are icons of modest dressing style today, the Olsen twins were part of the original team that made bohemian style the trend it is today. As look experts who often use the expression to describe bohemian “everything goes with everything”, Mary-Kate and Ashley have always known how to incorporate an element of fantasy and mystery into their ensembles.

    As well as anyone who has ever attended Coachella 

    - Coachella has become a culture and lifestyle in its own right and a true representation of today's bohemian style. From Victoria's Secret models to social media influencers and A-listers to everyday people, Coachella is all about that effortless SoCal look. The must-haves for mastering the SoCal look: distressed denim, lace and crochet cover-ups, bandanas and headbands, all-kids boots, sunglasses, temporary tattoos, ruffled maxis, and a glut of accessories



    6. Bohemian jewelry and accessories

    When you want to achieve abohemian look,accessories and the jewelry that you choose is just as important as the rest of your outfit. From turquoise rings to flower headbands, bags with perforated fringes, here are the main accessories and jewelry you need to buy to create a totally bohemian wardrobe.

    Bohemian accessories

    Bohemian style accessories are relatively easy to define. First of all, if you saw a pair of shoes that features stylish pompom finishes, fringes, or perforated elements, and embroidery, perforated elements, ethnic prints and patterns, then you have probably discovered a treasure boho. Additionally, anything that comes in the form of clean silhouettes, structured cuts, classic designs or elegant lines comes very close to the bohemian style. When it comes to fabrics, natural is best when it comes to choosing bohemian accessories, and that includes canvas, leather (including good faux alternatives), linen, rattan, wood, rope and so on. following.


    In addition, prints and patterns are one of the most typical elements of bohemianism when it comes to accessories like handbags, shoes or headwear. From Mexican prints to tribal African motifs, from ikat to Turkish, Persian or Moroccan details, the range of bohemian accessories is a magnificent source of inspiration.


    What to look for in accessories: 

    To do list of elements to take into account to find a Fringed bag

    sac bohem


    • Perforated leather bag
    • Unstructured Crossbody Bag
    • Ethnic printed drawstring bag
    • Embroidered backpack
    • Natural fabrics, faux leather and suede
    • Canvas bucket bags with folkloric motifs (Moroccan, Mexican, etc.)
    • lace and pompoms
    • Macramé bags
    • Patchwork bags and clutches
    • Rattan bags


    To do list of elements to take into account to find Bohemian shoes

    chaussure boheme

    • Ethnic sandals
    • Suede ankle boots
    • Flat lace-up boots
    • Talons en dain
    • Wooden Platform Heels
    • Perforated boots
    • Embroidered shoes
    • Boots with ethnic print


    To do list of elements to take into account to find a hair accessory

    • Fedora hats
    • Straw hats
    • Bohemian printed scarves
    • Turbines
    • Floral headbands
    • Floral hairpins
    • White hairpins and Tahitian pearls


    bohemian jewelry is the complete opposite of minimalism. In fact, one can easily identify bohemian bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings based on their maximalist look. Whether intricate or large, expressive or beaded, with or without gemstones and in an abundance of distressed finishes, bohemian jewelry comes in many forms.

    One of the easiest ways to identify bohemian jewelry is to skip all the super shiny, perfectly polished metal pieces and opt for more muted, matte metals. Likewise, if they are accompanied by turquoise gemstones, tribal engravings, natural gemstones or Moroccan-inspired designs, even better. Much like clothing and accessories, bohemian jewelry focuses primarily on natural materials, often incorporating real gemstones, white and colored pearls, leather, opal, wood (bracelets, beads) and bones in the patterns.




    To do list of essentials to search bohemian jewelry

    • Natural materials: metals, precious stones and pearls
    • Turquoise anything
    • Complex beaded designs
    • Wooden beads and accents
    • Stacked necklaces
    • Antique silver and antique gold metals
    • Artisanal-looking jewelry
    • Mexican bracelets
    • African finger rings and necklaces
    • Moroccan jewelry
    • Big pendants, big rings

    If you want to incorporate pearls into your bohemian outfits, look for jewelry that combines sea gems with fringe, as well as other traditional bohemian elements. Alternatively, mother-of-pearl jewelry in fancy designs and combined with other semi-precious stones or antique-finish metals is very bohemian, perfect for complementing weekend and holiday outfits.


    For dressier occasions, use pearls to elevate the look of your outfit by making it stand out. If you choose precious metals, opt for those that are not very shiny, but rather have a noble material and a more subtle shine. In addition, opt for natural gems and stones whenever you want opt for a bohemian style, because well-chosen jewelry can highlight your entire outfit. Although bohemian in itself is totally different compared to a more worldly style for example, it is widely possible to opt for a bohemian dress during an event (wedding, birthday, party), with for example a baroque style ring decorated with turquoise pearls, as well as small erald earrings. This will be an excellent way to unite a chic style and a more peaceful style.


    Pearl embellished jewelry is the most popular choice for brides opting for the boho wedding theme, as well as beach weddings and themes inspired by the sea and oceans. Among the most popular choices in 2019: precious sea stones combined with leaf motifs, pearl hairpins, or even fine flowers decorated with precious stones.


    What to Avoid When Buying Boho Jewelry and Accessories

    • Neon colors unless part of an ethnically inspired design
    • Artificial fabrics like latex, low quality fake fabrics
    • Plastic
    • Artificial, saturated hues
    • Minimalist jewelry, unless used for intricate layering.
    • Geometric or futuristic style jewelry 

7 The bohemian chic style

robe boheme chic

What is Bohemian chic?

The bohemian-chic style is defined as the elevated and revalorized bohemian aesthetic. As the name suggests, bohemian-chic is a fusion of styles: bohemian and chic - and, therefore, it is a fashion fusion that takes the classic bohemian look to a more sophisticated level. Additionally, bohemian-chic is more urban than bohemian style, which finds its roots in nature, rustic decor, ancient eras and less in a contemporary urban environment.

Compared to the classic bohemian style, bohemian-chic fashion has some characteristics.

The Similarities:

  • Bohemian-chic fashion is inspired by hippie aesthetics, combined with retro and vintage elements;
  • It incorporates prints, as well as mixed print styles;
  • The bohemian-chic style incorporates volume and relaxed cuts;
  • It features ethnic prints and prints;
  • It favors natural color palettes and avoids neons or artificial hues;
  • Bohemian-chic style has a style that comes together effortlessly;
  • It features embroidery and appliques.

The Differences:

  • The chic version of Bohème offers more refined and structured clothes;
  • Bohemian chic comes with a minimalist aesthetic, combining eclectic elements;
  • He looks more focused, more polished and better put together than the effortless bohemian;
  • Bohemian chic offers fewer ruffles and less volume;
  • It combines hard and soft elements (structured leather jacket with maxi ruffles);
  • It combines classic elements with bohemian pieces;
  • Bohemian chic style incorporates more luxurious fabrics like velvet, satin and silk;
  • It combines the basics with hippie clothing.

How to Bring Your Bohemian Style to Bohemian-Chic

  • Swap them sandals in favor of heels;
  • Mix urban or sporty elements with hippie clothing (sneakers with bohemian printed dress);
  • Stick to a curated color palette;
  • Avoid pairing volume with volume – instead, choose a voluminous piece and pair it with a structured, shape-friendly piece;
  • Upgrade your appliques and embellishments by incorporating sequins, rhinestones, and romantic-inspired embellishments into your ensembles;
  • Add energetic elements like leather, studs, dark, dramatic hues and metallic details;
  • Mix hard and soft elements to achieve an eclectic and chic look.

How to accessorize a Boho-Chic outfit? 

accessoire boheme chic

Boho Chic Accessories:

Avoid going head-to-toe bohemian and incorporate sophisticated elements or accessories that convey a timeless chic vibe, like unique beaded necklaces, elegant bracelets, and gemstone rings.

Avoid putting too many accessories per outfit and opt for a chic and elegant bag, earrings or other jewelry to avoid conflicts;

Opt for bohemian headbands, turbans and bandanas with retro sunglasses and fedora hats.

8. Bohemian Dress Styles

tenue boheme

Types of bohemian style

Nowadays, the bohemian style comes across a wide and varied spectrum. Fashions reminiscent of the funky 1970s, loaded with flared sleeves and romantic bohemian pants, where lace, braids and prairie silhouettes dominate. From the urban bohemian who wears a street version to the bohemian artistic aesthetic, the range of styles is very diverse. What type of bohemian are you? Here are some characteristics that define each type of boho lover.

1. The Hippie Bohemian

Inspired by the original bohemians of the 60s, the hippie bohemian wears groovy tie-dye prints, maxi dresses with ultra-long locks, headbands and flat sandals. Vintage rock t-shirts paired with maxi skirts are another option, combined with worn suede leather jackets.

2. The Bohemian 70s

Clumsy wooden heels, high platforms, ultra flared jeans, bishop and trumpet sleeves are the main elements of the wardrobe of a 70s bohemian. Free as the air and like the wind the bohemian of the 70s is the perfect junction between hippie fashion and post-modern bohemianism.

3. The Romantic Bohemian

Vintage overload, delicate crochet, voluptuous volume are on the romantic bohemian checklist. Gravitating toward softer, ivory and blush hues, the romantic bohemian style is infused with a sense of whimsy and fairytale vibes. Flowers, sheer fabrics, romantic curls and dazzling accessories are all part of the romantic bohemian look, ideal for brides who love bohemian style.

4. Bohemia at the forefront of progress

Darker hues, black, leather, studs and more fitted silhouettes are part of the cutting-edge bohemian's arsenal. Vintage t-shirts, rock details, leather bracelets and metallic elements are also basic elements of the boho look, which merges two styles without being disjointed.

5. The Bohemian countryside

Cowboy boots, daisy dukes and denim shorts, lots of denim in everything from jackets to vests and jeans, leather belts, perforated accessories, fringe galore, cowboy hats and fedoras, warm hues like caramel, mustard and rich brown – all elements of country-infused boho style.

6. The eclectic Bohemian

    Eclectic bohemians wear a hodgepodge of pieces, each inspired by different cultures, eras or styles, masterfully blended into an imperfectly cohesive whole. While not following any fashion rules, eclectic bohemianism creates a very unique sense of style, where creativity is the main factor.

    7. The chic Bohemian

      Also called bohemian-chic, this type of bohemian aesthetic is a slightly more refined version of the often tousled bohemian style. Ditching worn clothing for crisper versions and often swapping gladiators and clunky heels for sleeker alternatives, boho chic lovers are choosing to upgrade the bohemian style by including more polished clothing and accessories in their outfits.

      9. 5 Fool-Proof Bohemian Recipes for Clothing

      While bohemian fashion certainly doesn't come with a strict set of style rules, there are a number of formulas that simply can't escape them. If you're on a mission to become a true bohemian trendsetter, but you're not yet sure how to start combining your clothing and accessories to master theboho look with no room for a fashion faux pas, these next outfit recipes are here to help.

      Set 1: Lace, leather and denim

      tenu boheme

      A casual summer look, as bohemian as possible, without any particular hippie influence. Relaxed, effortless and carefree, this look is the perfect representation of SoCal style.

      Color palette: white, blue, caramel brown, gold

      What you'll need to recreate the look:

      • White crochet lace top, loose,
      • Short in aged denim, 
      • Brown perforated leather bag
      • Flat bow sandals, 
      • Laminated necklace, 

      Set 2: Ethnic prints, rattan and fringes

      idéé tenue boheme

      It doesn't get more bohemian than that. A more feminine take on bohemian style, with the obligatory ethnic prints in the mix, acid-wash denim, peasant details, beaded accents, rustic rattan, fringe...and some more fringe.

      Color palette: white, pink, blush, blue, burgundy, caramel brown.

      What you'll need to recreate the look:

      • Peasant's shoulder,
      • Long ethnic printed skirt,
      • Fringed ankle boots in a neutral shade
      • Freshwater pearl necklace
      • Acid-washed denim jacket, 
      • Rustic rattan bag,
      • Tassel/fringe earrings, 

      Set 3: Flared lines, chunky heels, turquoise and pearls

      style hippie

      A poher take on bohemian style - or bohemian chic - now with a city vibe, perfect for nights out on the town. Featuring the classic disco-era flared pants silhouette and an embroidered peasant top, this outfit brings chic elements into the mix, like a chic beaded bag and chunky heels.

      Color palette: navy blue, turquoise, cerulean blue, black, chocolate brown.

      What you'll need to recreate the look:

      • Embroidered peasant blouse
      • Flared dark washed jeans, 
      • Clumsy footsteps
      • Turquoise earrings
      • Drawstring bag with pompom and pearls

      Set 4: Leather, kimonos, macramé and feathers

      style boheme chic

      Bohemian Ensemble

      An outfit that mixes bohemian silhouettes and patterns with a subtle grunge vibe. Pair leather with lace, rich prints and embroidery and add feathers and macramé to the mix for a decidedly boho look with major eclectic elements.

      Color palette: mustard yellow, brown, black, black, copper brown

      What you'll need to recreate the look:

      • Lace tank top,
      • Skinny leather pants 
      • Printed kimono with pompoms,
      • Embroidered lace-up boots,
      • Feather earrings 
      • Macramé Fringe Bag 

      Set 5: Maxi Movement, bright colors and Moroccan vibes

      style boho

      For a more colorful alternative to bohemian style, here's a hot pink and azure look that comes with added movement. A ruffled maxi is paired with pendant earrings and a casual printed ethnic bag for a feminine and whimsical boho style.

      Color palette: cobalt blue, white, magenta pink, dove gray, cream

      What you'll need to recreate the look:

      • Long bohemian print dress
      • Suede ankle boots, 
      • Ethnic drawstring bag with pompom,
      • Moroccan leather fringe earrings

      10. How to mix and match colors like a bohemian pro.

      les couleurs boheme

      Mixing prints is one of the easiest ways to take a bohemian outfit to the next level. Double down on the bohemian vibe by pairing paisley prints with tribal motifs, printed Moroccan bags with embroidered jackets, and ikat maxis with floral jackets. The result: eclectic, artistic and creative bohemian looks that require no effort. Here are some of the best tips for successfully mixing prints in the bohemian style.

      1. Use only carefully selected bohemian clothing.

      The best news when trying to mix prints: the job is half done if you mix clothes that are already very boho on their own. The reason behind this: There is a good chance that boho clothing pieces will go together without following any other rules. So even if you thought those retro polka dots would totally go with this tribal maxi (and chances are they will), the result of pairing a non-bohemian pattern with a bohemian pattern won't become bohemian , but rather eclectic.

      2. Master the art of thinking and appearing like a free spirit

      And the second good news when trying to achieve a mixed print bohemian look: pretty much anything goes with everything. The fact is that the foundations of bohemian aesthetics emphasize the unconventionality of clothing. And as an aspiring free-spirited bohemian trendsetter, worrying about what others think of your hodgepodge look should never be a priority. Personal style has no rules and that's especially true when it comes to deciding to go all out Boho.

      3. Opt for a floral print tunic

      If you're just starting out and consider yourself a novice when it comes to mixing prints, here's a quick tip: just go for a piece of clothing that does the work for you. A wide range of bohemian clothing, from tunics to long dresses, from long skirts to blouses, already features more than one print. Train your eye on how to combine bohemian prints by simply wearing clothes that adhere to the mixed print aesthetic.

      4. Maintain your color palette

      What if you want a more polished, less unconventional look? Insertion Solution: Create a color scheme before mixing your prints. Basically, the basic rule for a successful bohemian look is to stick to a related color palette. For example, opt for a navy and white printed top and pair it with a steel blue and ivory printed bag. Another option is to mix prints in the same tone to achieve a cohesive, bohemian chic look. Alternatively, you can choose a monochrome print and a multi-color pattern that picks up the first color on top.

      5. Combine delicate designs with bolder ones

      While adhering to the color scheme rules mentioned above, you can ensure that your bohemian mixed print look is even more successful by simply opting for one delicate pattern and one bolder pattern in the same look. The point is that models that are at different scales are less likely to clash. As a general rule, start with the boldest print you want to mix and choose a color within its pattern. Next, opt for a more delicate design that uses just one shade for your second print.

      6. Pair a print with a printed finish

      Another solution if you are not yet convinced and want to achieve a bohemian chic look: no need to combine two pieces of clothing entirely covered in prints. In fact, you can opt for a patterned blouse and pair it with a jacket that is in the form of a jacket, but has a printed border or bohemian embroidery. Simply mix an all-print garment with a printed finish if you're not ready to go eclectic yet.

      7. Mix large flowers with small flowers.

      One of the easiest ways to pair it is to print it and glue it to the flowers. Flowers are among the most featured designs in Boho clothing, which is why it makes perfect sense to pair two pieces of clothing adorned with flowers. If you choose to do this, just be sure to stick to ornamental floral designs, while leaving abstract, stylized floral designs out of the equation.

      11. 20 Easy Tips to Follow the Bohemian Look

      You've mastered the art of mixing prints and have already started incorporating other bohemian pieces into your wardrobe. Here, 20 easy-to-follow tips to help you perfect that effortless, worry-free bohemian look – both for choosing your wardrobe accessories and for styling yourself like a hippie queen:

      The essentials in bohemian style

      1. Basic silhouettes and clean lines generally don't fit the bohemian aesthetic. However, a few loose tops and some classic, plain, frilly-free pants are welcome, especially when the mixed print becomes too overwhelming.
      2. When shopping for your bohemian wardrobe, be sure to say YES to rustic, shabby, and prairie trims, whether it's crochet, lace, pom poms, pom poms, patterned ribbons, fringe and others.
      3. Make shopping thrift and second-hand stores a monthly activity to update your boho look. On the grocery list: vintage tees, distressed denim, worn leather and suede jackets.
      4. Neutral colored shoes all the way! Exception: rainbow-colored pompom sandals, perfect for that beach look. While those bright green heels may look tempting, if you're set on the bohemian look, suede ankle boots in caramel tones, soft grays and the full range of browns, from amber to wheat and coffee, will look more stylish. 'affair ! 
      5. Embrace wood by incorporating wooden bracelets, earrings and the must-have wooden platforms, 70s style high heels for a total boho look.
      6. When in doubt, opt for long dresses. Long dresses, long skirts, long knits - all long! The longer it is, the more bohemian it is.

      Bohemian choices that make the difference:

      1. Choose comfort over structure. The key words for being bohemian: soft, cozy, loose and floral! For a more urban version of boho, suitable for different work environments, simply combine a loose garment with a more fitted garment to achieve the perfect balance between smart and casual.
      2. Choose natural over artificial. It goes without saying, but bohemian style finds its inspiration in nature — so anything that screams synthetic or artificial (think latex or acrylic) probably isn't the best option for a bohemian look.
      3. Don't pass the hat. Make sure to incorporate at least one floppy hat and headband into your bohemian trendsetter wardrobe.
      4. Opt for loose, soft, ultra-shell knits when rocking bohemian during the cold months. Alternatively, master the art of layering, aka the easiest way to get the boho look and stay warm at the same time.
      5. When upgrading your look with heels, always choose chunky stilettos over sleek stilettos. For a bohemian-chic look appropriate for nighttime, feel free to incorporate thinner heel options, eclectically paired with long bohemian dresses, kimonos and other typical bohemian elements.

      Little tips to keep in mind:

      1. Aim for a very artisanal look, whether through overall style, clothing pieces or accessories.
      2. Dazzled - everything! And we're not talking about glitz, glamor and sparkle. Boho style is definitely ornate in itself, so be sure to incorporate everything from embroidery, gemstone appliques, beaded accents, and studs into your outfits, in addition to the ornate trims mentioned earlier.
      3. Avoid looking too polished - if there's one rule to Boho style, it's that looking neat and clean is not it. No need to iron your shirt to perfection or shop exclusively for new clothes when you're rocking the boho look.
      4. Always, always accessorize. There is no limit to the number of accessories and jewelry you can wear when you go for the effortless Boho look.
      5. Make denim, suede, and lace staples from your wardrobe.
      6. Ditch artificial colors, neons and overly saturated tones in favor of muted, neutral or rich hues that carry a retro touch.
      7. Go “shopping” for jewelry in Grandma’s old jewelry box. And while you're at it, raid her closet, looking for authentic and totally priceless vintage pieces.
      8. Here's a simple rule that applies 99% of the time: the more structured an item is, the less likely it is to be bohemian - and that applies to both clothing and handbags.
      9. When in doubt, add more layers. There's nothing that screams louder than a few easy-to-put-together layers, whether it's stackable rings on your fingers, multiple turquoise bracelets, an oversized scarf over your maxi dress, a kimono on your t-shirt or layered necklaces.

      12. Bohemian Hairstyles and Makeup

      coiffure boheme

      When it comes to achieving an effortless bohemian look, flowery hair and natural, vibrant makeup are an absolute must. From braids to relaxed beach waves, dewy skin to natural lips and soft brown eyeshadow, here are the best tips for perfecting your boho-inspired hair and makeup.

      Whether it's casual or formal occasions, “relaxed and effortless” are the key words when wanting to adopt a bohemian style for any occasion. 

      Here is our list of do’s and don’ts for a bohemian hairstyle: 

      Do :

      • “Beach Wave” – The ultimate bohemian hairstyle that is easy to achieve and requires little maintenance unlike more sophisticated hairstyles.
      • Braids – Hippie braids and prairie braids are both iconic when it comes to bohemian styles and whether you opt for a classic French style, a simple three-way braid, a Dutch braid, a feather braid or a fishtail braid, the results will certainly bring you the desired and original charm to your look.
      • Messy Updates – Cozy, chic, no-fuss buns are a bohemian staple and a sure way to achieve that desirable, effortless, laissez-faire, non-artificial effect typical of the bohemian aesthetic.

      DO NOT DO

      • Tight, Structured Hairstyles – If you’re aiming for the ultimate bohemian look, stiff, structured hairstyles shouldn’t be on your radar. And the reason couldn't be simpler: Bohemian style welcomes and is inspired by movement and flow - and stiff, conservative or polished hairstyles are anything but.

      The colors

      Whether you're into trying the latest unicorn craze and dyeing your hair in soft pastel shades or doing some ombre work on your mane, there are plenty of ways to make your hair look like a true bohemian.

      Our advice: 


      • Add layered streaks and highlights into your hair.
      • Opt for ombre and balayage to add a natural multi-dimensional effect to your locks.

      DO NOT DO

      • Do not paint hair in artificial colors like matte cherry reds, strong purples, blonde-blonde, blue-black and other manufactured shades.


      From floral headbands and pins to bandanas add a touch of softness to any bohemian look, bohemian style welcomes the widest range of hair accessories, capable of achieving that desirable layered, ornate yet all-too-natural style.

      Our advice:


      • Floral hairpins
      • Natural pearl hair pins
      • Headbands
      • Floral crowns
      • Scarves
      • Bohemian hair wrap

      DO NOT DO

      • Artificial materials like plastic, lucite or vinyl
      • Futuristic-inspired designs
      • Retro designs from decades before the 60s

      Bohemian makeup tips

      maquillage boheme

      Bohemian Makeup

      The skin

      Bohemian style gives a lot of importance to the natural look of the skin and every bohemian makeup look should start with a big canvas. Hydrated, fresh-looking skin, not necessarily perfect, but natural and naturally glowing, are the main ingredients of successful makeup, which is why full coverage foundations are rarely used. Instead, a gorgeous makeup look that accompanies a bohemian-inspired outfit accentuates freckles (if any), natural coloring or a gorgeous tan by applying a soft blush.


      • Take a foundation that is light and lets your skin breathe.
      • Go for a sun-kissed look using a bronzer.
      • Use a highlighter to achieve a stunning dewy skin finish.
      • Let your freckles shine through.
      • Complete the look with a soft pink or beach tinted blush.
      • For a boho festival look, opt for gemstones, sparkly freckles or temporary foil tattoos to add intricate details to your makeup look.

      DO NOT DO

      • Don't choose full coverage foundations.
      • Avoid ultra-matte finishes and opt for natural shine instead.

      The eyes

      Most bohemian-inspired makeup focuses on the skin and eyes rather than the lips, with soft, natural smoky styles being among the most popular choices.


      • Opt for natural color palettes that range from soft, earthy browns to maroon and peach, muted purples and desaturated reds.
      • Opt for matte finishes rather than shimmery or high-shine eyeshadows.
      • Create layers and depth rather than structured lines when applying eyeliner and eye shadow.
      • Count on a smoky look to wear in earthy tones for your base look.

      DO NOT DO

      • Avoid bright colors like bright blue, bright pink and yellow, saturated green and orange.
      • Avoid ultra-defined eyes with perfectly applied eyeliner and instead opt for a blurrier, more natural effect.

      The lips

      Soft, healthy-looking, hydrated lips in warm shades are always a perfect choice when you're trying to look head-to-toe Boho - while bright colors, high-gloss lipstick, or overly defined lips are not. no bet.


      • Opt for natural lipsticks in soft peach, blush, maroon or light brown tones.
      • Look for warm shades rather than cool tinted shades.
      • Opt for matte or moisturizing finishes and avoid ultra-shiny lipsticks in rich shades.
      • Go lipstick-free and opt for a moisturizing lip balm instead.

      DO NOT DO

      • Avoid harsh shades like magenta and bright red.
      • Avoid unconventional lipstick colors like blue, black and purple.
      • Ditch the ultra-finished looks with highly defined lips and opt for more natural effects instead.

      13. Men of bohemian style

      Homme boheme

      Men of bohemian style

      Bohemian style is universal – meaning men can enjoy the effortlessly chic and cool look just as much as their female counterparts. With bohemian icons like Johnny Depp and Lenny Kravitz as inspiration, fashion lovers can easily create their own cool, effortless outfits where just about anything goes with everything with minimal fuss. From floral shirts to skinny jeans, printed pants to retro chic outerwear and a glut of accessories, men have a wide range of bohemian style options.

      Tips on bohemian style

      • Mix up the volume with figure-hugging clothing or go all out with loose, relaxed tops and bottoms.
      • Add patterns into the mix (more than one works just as well) for that artsy boho look.
      • Include vintage-inspired or vintage-inspired accessories, elements, and prints.
      • Load up on accessories, including braided leather bracelets, distressed finishing rings, oversized scarves, stacking cuffs, sunglasses and fedoras.
      • Good news for lazy fashion lovers: grooming to perfection is definitely not a must - on the contrary, it's quite the opposite.
      • Shop thrift stores and vintage boutiques for a look that's not only bohemian, but authentic to the hippie era.
      • Say yes to man buns, messy buns, beards and everything in between.

      Bohemian Heights

      When it comes to rocking the bohemian look, one of the main things you should focus on is investing in a few unique and non-conformist shirts. Basically, this means you can safely ditch solids and muted masculine patterns for bold florals, swirling, and paisley-laden garments in statement shades. Likewise, opt for rich browns and browns, oranges and mustards (like in the 1970s), and replace classic stripes with wilder, more artistic ones.

      If you aspire to look like Lenny Kravitz, ironing your tops and shirts to perfection is definitely not a must, as looking slightly undone as opposed to looking neat and clean is a main rule of the boho aesthetic. Plus, despite the fact that you're wearing snaps, buttoning your shirt all the way to the top is counterproductive when you're aiming for that subtly disheveled look. Additionally, you should wear your shirt in an unconventional way: with the sleeves rolled up, half-tucked, layered over t-shirts, or in a very loose fit.

      Bohemian pants and shorts

      Also embrace your unconventional approach to fashion when shopping for pants and shorts. Rule number one: shorts are not intended exclusively for your vacations, weekends and the beach. In fact, they can be a staple of your bohemian wardrobe just as much as pants. Likewise, to go even further in the search for bohemian, make sure to incorporate some patterned shorts into your wardrobe, with unique and creative prints. For a casual, smart take on bohemian style, opt for a pair of chino shorts in a longer cut and pair them with a casual button-down for a look that's as bohemian as they come.

      As with pants, a few good pairs of jeans are essential - and appropriate for most occasions. Whether you go for a light wash or an acid wash, distressed jeans or a dark wash, make sure you opt for a slim or skinny fit. Printed pants are another option when it comes to embracing the bohemian look — and yes, you can totally rock a printed top with a pair of printed shorts or pants. Extra tip: just make sure they follow the colors of the sister colors.

      Bohemian outerwear

      Layering is one of the biggest "rules" when it comes to mastering the boho look to perfection - and nothing does it better than cool outerwear, layered over your vintage printed shirts and tees . Option number one: Retro blazers in oversized groovy patterns, following color palettes representing 70s funky. Option 2: Elevate your bohemian street style with a sleek, casual, loose-fitting blazer. Option 3: Welcome worn suede jackets into your wardrobe, along with worn denim jackets, worn denim jackets, loose clothing, especially if vintage, as well as knitwear of all kinds, including the jackets, the Lenny Kravitz way.

      Bohemian shoes

      A good outfit is never complete without the right pair of shoes. Well, authentic bohemians of the '60s might disagree, because their favorite look was, you guessed it, a barefoot look. While it might seem a bit over the top in today's urban climate, opting for the next best thing, sandals, is certainly welcome when going for an effortless boho look. Opt for strappy sandals in galore of leather (the equivalent of women's gladiator sandals) or elevate your look with a pair of suede loafers. Otherwise, save the unlaced boots (preferably suede and preferably adorned with studs, cool laces, or even patterns) for cooler weather.

      Bohemian accessories

      No bohemian outfit is ever complete without the addition of accessories. In fact, some might argue that accessorizing means half the work is done. For a truly bohemian look, anything that comes with too glossy or too polished a finish is a no-go. Basically, you should embrace anything that looks or, better yet, anything that's antique, vintage, or worn.

      Strive for that effortless artisanal bohemian feel of trendsetters by ditching your expensive watch for leather bracelets, oversized scarves, wooden beads, canvas bags, metal belts, studded leather, fedora or straw hats and the obligatory vintage sunglasses. Alternatively, incorporate gemstones into your jewelry game by adding a pop of natural turquoise or simple beaded necklaces on leather at choker lengths.


      What began as a subculture representing an eccentric and unconventional part of the population two hundred years ago has become a dominant culture in its own right. Bohemian style is more than just a fading trend – and it's more than just a fashion craze. It's a real lifestyle, with a very recognizable and equally artistic way of dressing. As a style where the most eclectic mix of prints and materials come together, bohemian style is not only the representation of a wide range of cultures around the world, but also the fusion of different iconic eras of the fashion.