What are the Top 10 trendy bohemian hairstyles?

Good morning¬†gypsies¬†‚̧ I hope you are well, today we are going to talk hairstyle!¬†

Summer is getting closer, and so is the time to take out your best¬†bohemian dresses¬†to get ready to go out in the sun! A dress that lets you breathe, refreshing, and more colorful, what more could you ask for!! ūüėć It‚Äôs finally the season of dresses, picnics, afternoons at the beach and festivals, WE CAN‚ÄôT wait!¬†¬†

Now, let‚Äôs talk about what to accompany your pretty bohemian dress‚Ķ You guessed it: The best ally of your pretty dress¬†gypsy woman¬†will be your hairstyle!! ūü§© Wear a bohemian dress yes! But combine it with a bohemian hairstyle, even better!! There are as many¬†hairstyles¬†so many dresses that will enhance you, so which ones to choose? A crown of flowers, simple braids...?¬†

No stress ! To be on top of the trends this summer, both in terms of clothing and your¬†hairstyles, we have prepared this article for you to inspire you, and to give you ideas for trendy hairstyles for women and men, whether you have long, short, wavy, curly or straight hair ‚̧¬†

The scarf: a key asset for a bohemian hairstyle

femme coiffée avec un foulard

A simple one scarf will change the situation! Whether colorful or neutral, a scarf is essential in your wardrobe: tied at the bottom, tied at the top, as a headband or even tied to your belt, a scarf has no negative points! You won't even have the chance to regret it, we promise! 

A pretty scarf worn with magnificent¬†bohemian earrings¬†will make the ultimate combo! ūü§© We can already imagine you with your outfit: your pretty dress, your hair down, a tied scarf, earrings and pretty rings: enough to be equipped for the festivals to come, and above all timeless!! It's a great, hassle-free way to style your hair, which will give you a romantic or glamorous look, depending on the design you choose!¬†

It's definitely THE hairdressing from the moment !! And we can only follow this magnificent trend: easy to wear and to combine with all your outfits, because it is absolutely versatile!! And if you don't have a scarf yet, you can also grab a headband!

If you are not the type to put patterns on patterns or colors on colors, you can always go for a simple black or white scarf, in a neutral color, use it as a headband and tie it at the bottom of your head: quite simple, but if bohemian chic alongside your dress! And if you are one of the lucky ones with bangs, you can either tuck them under the scarf or leave them out! A scarf goes with all types of cuts, but also with blow drying, waves, lacquered, or simply straightened, we love it!

Its main advantage is its multiple uses: you can wear it in so many different ways!! An easily profitable, timeless product that you will never get tired of! In addition, its many available patterns will allow you to be innovative: have fun with colors!

Braids: An unbeatable bohemian hairstyle:  

Whether you have long or short hair, this style suits everyone!! Whether you want to do braids, glued braids, tight, or rather loose...This is a suitable hairstyle for all events : whether for a wedding, an outing with friends, or a music festival! In addition to being a hairstyle that is as pretty to wear as it is to look at!

To give a rather relaxed, I recommend a simple, rather loose braid at the back, or even put on the side! and for a more classic style, a fairly thick braid that will go around your head. 

Whether you have long hair or it is short, this hairstyle is a unavoidable ! Remember to part your hair in the middle to balance and distribute your hair better.

The casual hairstyle - messy: The half-bun

coiffure décontractée half bun

A simple half-bun without the hassle! the effect¬†relaxed¬†And¬†natural¬†will go perfectly with your lifestyle¬†Bohemia¬†! No need for a perfect bun, it‚Äôs the casual, hastily done and messy side that we love! A simple elastic band to free your neck and you will be ready to face the heat of a festival ūüĒ•

If you want to spice up your half updo, you can also do it with a bobby pin! 

Wavy hair for a beach effect hairstyle, perfect for a bohemian chic look!

What's better than natural! We're all fans of our hair after a swim: it's this natural, relaxed, straight-out-of-the-water effect that we're going to try to achieve! Whether you have mid-length, long or short hair, wavy hair is unbeatable when it comes to bohemian hairstyles ! Bohemian fashion is a fashion arising from the hippie movement of the 1960s. It is first of all peace ‚úĆ ÔłŹ & love ‚̧ ÔłŹ, people exploring the world in their van, without forgetting all these key parties of the hippie movement / bohemian, notably Woodstock or more recently Coachella ! This movement advocated naturalness and letting it live, so join the movement with this superb hairstyle ! You can obviously have this hairstyle done at the hairdresser, or simply at home, that's what we like!¬†

The combined hairstyle: bun and braids, for a bohemian, chic and relaxed hair look

hair bun + braids: a flawless combo! Can be done on both short hair and long hair and completely timeless, this natural duo will give you a side 70s with finely done braids and a messy bun! We still advise you to comb your hair well before starting this hairstyle (and all those mentioned elsewhere). If you have short hair and want more length to make your braids, just think about extensions! 

An alternative: some tresses glued, hair curled to the ends or even a braided half-tail!

The high bun: an easy and quick bohemian hairstyle! 

A simple bun you might say: no! We have obviously taken care to choose an alternative that corresponds more to the bohemian style. 

For this¬†hairdressing¬†All you have to do is make a high half-bun, no worries: the tousled effect will reign forever! With some of your remaining hair, make a pretty¬†braided. You can also leave a few strands out to accentuate the effect¬†relaxed¬†so sought after! This will then become part of your hairstyle flying with the summer breeze! We love it just thinking about it! ūü§©

The revisited bohemian bun 

This hairdressing may require a bit of technique, but don't worry! All you have to do is take all of your hair and make a braid, then tie it into a low bun. This one will give you an air relaxed, again don't worry if it's disheveled, this is the effect still sought after! 

A bohemian hairstyle, but also a return to the 2000s

What better than a headband golden colored or braided for a look bohemian ? Choose the headband that matches your mood and you can go from one bohemian chic to a stylish and relaxed bohemian style! It's a simple way to change your entire outfit for different occasions: a colorful or gold headband for a casual afternoon, and another more sober or with more neutral colors for a more formal evening. No matter the density of your hair, this style will be perfect, you can also leave a few strands out to accentuate the relaxed effect you are looking for! We recommend straightening your hair or making it wavy for a total return to the past, typical of the 70s! 

An accessorized bohemian hairstyle!

Truly our favorite!! A simple¬†braided¬†on the side, with jewelry, what beauty!! ūüėćūüėć

You can obviously make as much as you want! And simply use rings, small earrings or jewelry to¬†hair¬†that you will find in store, so don't be afraid, adopt it and embark on this adventure that is a¬†accessorized braid¬†! ūüėú

A bohemian hairstyle with feathers 

A big¬†classic¬†Although¬†tendency¬†in the 2000s, this hairstyle came back into fashion in this time of going back to basics with styles from the 60s/70s and more! Back to the years¬†hippies¬†with streaks of feathers in your hair, combined with your stunning¬†bohemian dress, you will be free to move, your hair (and feathers) flying in the wind. Plus, if you can't stand the heat anymore and put your hair in a ponytail, the feathers will still be visible! ūüėé

So ! This is already the end of this top 10 of bohemian hairstyle trends  ! This list gives you plenty of choice to be trendy this summer, these hairstyles will suit you perfectly whether your hair is thin or thick, ready to look like a star! These hairstyles are just as perfect for spring summer season that only for the autumn winter season, so which one will you choose? We know the choice is going to be difficult... But you have life ahead of you to try them all, so embrace them all! 

We hope that our top 10 has helped you, after choosing your hairstyle, why not take a look at our site to discover our range of bohemian clothing? You will definitely find your new favorite piece there!

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