Bohemian decoration the complete guide for the whole house!

It is important for a bohemian to feel at home. As previously stated in our various blog articles, bohemian is not only a way of dressing, it is also a way of living on a daily basis. This is why bohemian is also a style of decoration, extremely anchored in the world of interior design. 

You are currently wondering, How can the bohemian style be translated into decoration? It's very simple, the bohemian style will play on different aspects to try to givean artistic side , simple and refined inside the room. 

The bohemian style will play a lot on colors as well as materials and textures to bring the room to life and thus give it maximum freedom. The bohemian style is mainly characterized by the use of Macramé and bohemian canvas or artificial vegetation.

In this little guide, you will find different types of use of the bohemian style in each room of the house! 

How to decorate your living room with bohemian style? 

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It is important to understand that for a living room to have a look that invites you to travel, it is not necessary to overload it. The 21st century rhymes with the word "pure" so we must highlight magnificent little bohemian piece rather than a set of trinkets. Discover now which bohemian pieces can make all the difference in a bohemian living room. 

The bohemian rug, central element of a successful decoration 

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Nothing is simpler to decorate a room than to equip it with a sublime bohemian rug . It's simple, choosing a rug helps set the tone and color of the living room. At that point it's up to you to choose... Would you prefer a sleek bohemian chic style carpet in white and black which will give the room a glamorous and chic side or would you opt for a more eccentric colored carpet lively which will give the room a warm and familiar feel. This choice will only depend on you! 

While waiting for your decision, we offer you a selection of rugs, each as unique as the next! 

Bohemian coffee tables a unique and magnificent element

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It is important to remember that bohemianism is a movement close to nature, for this we will always highlight natural pieces. A wooden coffee table is therefore a perfect element to highlight your bohemian style and stay within the codes. To add a little complexity to the decoration of your living room you can add a small linen sheet placed vertically, this will break the lines of the table and thus create a break in continuity. 

The decoration of bohemian murals an essential element 

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How can we talk about bohemian decoration if we don't talk about wall decoration. Indeed, why does our floor have the right to be decorated and not our walls? To find out what is the best wall decoration for the bohemian style, we leave you the choice between two key objects of the movement. On one side macramé and on the other bohemian canvas. The major difference between macramé and canvas is the style and elegance of your living room. On the one hand, macramé is a very simple and sophisticated element; it is perfect for a more sober and refined living room. It is much more oriented towards a bohemian chic style. Conversely, the bohemian tapestry gives much more of a hippie side to the living room, less refined, but much more atypical and folkloric

Perfect decoration for a bohemian's bedroom 

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The bedroom is the ideal place to have a decoration to suit your taste. A place of rest and inner resource, the bedroom is the place where the bohemian spends the most time! It is therefore important that this living room, as important as it is, reflects the person who lives there. Discover the most beautiful bohemian style rooms above! This will undoubtedly give you lots of ideas for redoing yours! 

Wall decoration for the bedroom! 

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As explained below, there are many ways to beautify a bedroom! On the one handwe have tapestries and bohemian canvases on the other we have macramés and dream catchers.Bohemian canvases will undoubtedly bring a much more tribal look or ethnic with mandala type prints and warm or cream colors! Be careful, it is important not to choose a red color if you opt for a bohemian canvas or tapestry. Indeed, the color red has an irritating psychological effect that can considerably impact the quality of sleep. You can also bring atouch of natureto your bedroom by opting forartificial plants. Artificial, because you have no chance of it dying and requires no maintenance! 

Decoration for a 100% bohemian bed 

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So that you sleep as soundly as possible with the best quality sleep, it is important to have a bohemian bed. How to have a bohemian bed you might ask! Nothing could be simpler! Opt for bohemian type cushions which will give a touch of color to your sheets. You can also bring a colored throw to give a little ethnic tribal touch to your room.