What to wear to a wedding in 2020?

Are you invited to a wedding and you don't really know what to wear? We have prepared some fashion tips for you to follow and not to follow. The most important thing to remember when shopping for a wedding is that you want to look cool and stylish, but you don't want to distract the couple or attract attention for the wrong reasons. Be the most beautiful woman at the wedding with your bohemian wedding dress , not counting the bride of course! 

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That's why we recommendusing the terms on the invitation or the time of year to determine your weddingoutfit. But first, let us explain the basic rules of dressing for a wedding.

Rule number one: Never, ever wear white to a wedding. You should also avoid wearing white during pre-wedding festivities, such as the engagement party, or dinner. The only exception to this rule is if an all-white dress code is in effect for one of the celebrations.

Rule number two: Always be respectful of religious affiliations. If you know the wedding will be in a Catholic church, it's not necessarily a bad idea to cover your bare arms with a sweater and avoid showing too much leg or cleavage.

Rule number three: You can wear black to a wedding - it's not forbidden. It used to be taboo to wear black to weddings, but now a little black dress is totally appropriate for a night out.

Rule number four: It's better to be overdressed than underdressed. If a guest says "floral bohemian dress", err on the side of caution and wear a long dress,  or a short floral dress.

Like your mother always said, it's better to be safe than sorry. One last bonus tip: you don't have to spend a lot to look good. There's nothing wrong with borrowing wedding guest attire, especially if it helps you adhere to a dress code. Do you need an evening dress for a formal evening? Sites like bohème infinity can offer you designer clothes at much lower prices than the market.

Que porter pour un mariage en 2020 ?

Winter wedding outfit for women 

For women, a winter wedding is the perfect excuse to wear your most fun and festive dress. When shopping for winter wedding outfits, focus on sequins and luxury jewel-toned fabrics such as emerald green, ruby ​​and royal blue. These colors suit almost any skin tone, and you'll definitely find an excuse to wear them again this holiday season (office parties, anyone?). You will also need to keep fabrics in mind. Wedding guest dresses made from heavy fabrics, like cotton or velvet, will keep you warm on cold evenings. Pair a shorter dress with opaque black tights and closed-toe pumps.

Avoid wearing boots (even if they are heels), as they can appear too casual. But in case of a snowstorm, you can wear your boots to the ceremony and change into heels once inside. 


1. This dress is totally suitable for winter with its long sleeves and heavier fabric. Plus, we love that it's metallic.

Que porter pour un mariage en 2020 ?

2. Long dresses are perfect for a winter wedding, as is this emerald green shade.

Que porter pour un mariage en 2020 ?

3. A body-hugging red dress is the perfect combination of sexy and festive for a winter wedding.

Que porter pour un mariage en 2020 ?

What to wear to a fall wedding

Fall weddings can be difficult to plan for because the weather is unpredictable. This is why the most important thing toremember is to dress in layers. Fall is finally the time when you can break out your favorite little black dress and suede heels, but you should really wait until the date is closer to finalize the accessories. Since fall tones tend to be dark and muted, tryadding a pop of bright colorwith a necklace, scarf, or bold lipstick. Choose a dress that you could wear with or without tights for that unexpected September heat, and it's probably a good idea to throw a sweater in your bag in case the temperature drops at night. And since you might be wearing open-toed shoes, it's always a good idea to schedule a pedicure just to have good-looking nails at a wedding.

1. Pop some fun fall florals in this midi dress — the mid-length is ideal for the transitional months. 

2. Nothing says fall like suede. This dress features a subtle (and totally trendy) cutout at the neckline

orange suede fall wedding guest dress

3. This modern smock dress lets you wear fall plaid without looking like a schoolgirl.

What to wear to a summer wedding

Dressing for a summer wedding means looking stylish while staying cool. Focus on wearing breathable fabrics so you don't overheating at an outdoor wedding. Beat the heat and humidity while still looking put-together when youwear a maxi dress made from light, airy fabrics like silk, chiffon, cotton, or linen.Those that are made from bright colors and unexpected textures will add a summer touch to a long dress. Dress up a pretty summer dress with chic heels or wedges. Keep a light pashmina on hand, as the air conditioning will most likely be on full blast. .


1 A chic style stands out in this sublime bohemian dress


2. Keep it simple with this short sleeve shift dress that can be worn time and time again.


3. This bright floral dress adds a fun pop of color. 


What to wear to a spring wedding

Spring affairs are beautiful with all the fresh flowers and green grass, but dressing for a spring wedding can be a challenge. Be wary of outdoor weddings, as spring showers can cause wet grass and mud that your heels will likely sink into. We suggest you purchase the outfits that will allow you to attend an indoor or outdoor wedding, and prepare in advance. Think about all the problems that could arise. For example, avoid long dresses that might drag in the mud, always keep a pair of closed-toe flats on hand for unexpected outdoor cocktails, and bring an umbrella for rain showers. unexpected rain.

And remember, with rising temperatures comes increasing humidity which can wreak havoc on your perfectly styled hair. By keeping a mini bottle of hairspray and bobby pins in your bag, you will look perfect in any situation.

1. The intricate floral embroidery on this dress is to die for, and its tea length is ideal for spring.

Que porter pour un mariage en 2020 ?

2. Its unique green color will remind you of floral blooms


3. This cheerful shade of yellow was designed for spring weddings.

What to wear to a beach wedding

Hopefully the wedding invitation will specify whether the dress is "beach casual" or "beach formal", but a good rule of thumb for beach wedding attire is to wear something you would wear to a nice restaurant on a sunny day. Pay attention to the elements - sun, sand, wind and water - when shopping for something to wear to a beach wedding. It's often windy on the beach, so avoid short skirts and dresses that may ride up more than you want. A slightly dressier midi dress is the ideal solution, paired with flat sandals and a wide-brimmed sun hat. Rubber flip flops are not acceptedif not provided by the couple, so opt for leather sandals or flat T-strap sandals. Sun and sand can be uncomfortable for a man in three-pieces suit. Linen and lightweight cotton are therefore your best options for staying cool.

1. This comfortable floral midi dress features a scoop neckline and airy skirt to keep you cool. 

2. Make a statement in an inspired location. We are amazed by this bold tropical pattern.

3. You're never limited to a simple dress, but a romper can be especially appropriate for a beach wedding. This comes in a sunny color.

What to Wear to a Casual Wedding

When an invitation says "casual," it usually means anything goes. That said, jeans, shorts, tank tops, and flip-flops are probably not appropriate, strong> unless specifically noted as acceptable on the wedding invitation or website. It's hard to get your head around casual wedding attire, but consider the placement on the invitation.

For example, if the wedding takes place on a farm in the middle of a field, it is advisable to wear flat shoes and bring mosquito spray. But whether the place appears to be indoors or outdoors, it's always best to dress a little fancier. When looking for something to wear in your closet, think about work casual attire, aka “something you wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear to work”. A knee-length lounge dress and platform shoes are good options for women.

1. Try a stylish knit dress for a casual cold-weather wedding.


What to wear to a formal wedding

 Don't feel like you have to buy a new dress for a formal wedding; an elegant cocktail dress and statement accessories will work just as well as a maxi dress. But if you think the location and setting demands something extra-special, consider saving up and renting a dress from stores like bohème infinity. This site offers full wardrobes for rent and usually has excellent customer service that will help you get the size and outfit you need. For women, heeled shoes and a fancy clutch are the perfect accessories for a formal occasion


 VT_375_Bekah-Kay-Creative-Maryland-Boho-Wedding-Photography.jpg ...

What not to wear to a wedding

Regardless of the dress code listed on the invitation, there are certain things you should never wear to a wedding. We've already covered the obvious ground rules (no white, duh!), but there are other pieces in your closet that you should probably stay away from unless specified in your invitation.

Sneakers: Save your tennis shoes for the gym and wear a nice pair of flats if comfort is your priority. Sneakers send a very casual message, and even if your wedding invitation says "casual dress," that doesn't mean you can look like you just ran errands.

Short Sleeve Shirts: Big caveat for this one: If you plan to wear a short sleeve button down shirt, make sure the wedding is super casual and you dress it up with a bow tie or a suit jacket with a square pocket.

Tongos: Rubber shoes are never suitable for a special event like a wedding ceremony. That said, no one will blame you if, after a few hours of dancing in heels, you want to swap them for something more comfortable. (The couple might even have a basket of flip-flops for guests to wear to their reception, especially if it's on a beach).

Household Clothing: Clothing with holes, tears, tears or bleach stains is prohibited for a wedding. Even if it is a designer dress with the side intentionally torn, it is not an appropriate clothing choice for a wedding guest.