What does it mean to be a hippie?

Every story has a beginning, so it is important to go back to basics. How was the hippie movement born? ❤️

Coming straight from the United States during the 1960s , the goal of the movement was to fight in a pacifist manner against the Vietnam War. He puts himself forward in particular for the refusal to comply with the rules established by the consumer society. A single motto: live a bohemian life and never again be a slave to a job or a boss. Freedom is the only watchword and love is the only way to think and perceive the world. This will notably lead to their famous cult phrase which defines the entire movement “ Peace and love ”.

What is the lifestyle of a hippie? 


Being a hippie is not only a way of dressing, it is also a way of thinking, a way of seeing the world and interpreting it, the only importance is to enjoy indefinite and barrier-free freedom. Freedom is the word that defines the movement and seeks to be interpreted in multiple ways, whether in behavior or in the way of dressing. Let's take for example the hair of a hippie, always long always in the wind the goal is once again to symbolize freedom, and mark the difference between the Western world and the world of peace and freedom. 'love.

It is therefore not uncommon for hippies to seek to materialize "freedom", for this they resort to multiple drugs such as cannabis, which will allow them to get high and thus break the chains of society to fly into a better world without suffering and hatred. 

Although the hippie world is implicitly based on imagination and dreams, it still had a huge impact on the world by helping to stop the end of the Vietnam War . Furthermore, thanks to the hippie movement, we find the creation of multiple defended causes. To name just one we have: the fight against minorities, whether ethnic or religious, The fight against inequalities between men and women, and finally the liberation of the woman's body. 

Woodstock: Birth of a legend and a unique musical festival. 

festival hippie

The advent of thehippie stylegave birth to a whole new style of music. Indeed, it is for the first time in history that we will hearpop rock sounds sprinkled with an extremely protest message.

The festivals are popular with all the hippies who consider it a place of worship, people come here to recharge their batteries and find themselves becoming more than a simple movementthe hippie style becomes a real religion.

 The most famous festival is none other than Woodstock . What would you tell me about Woodstock? Woodsktook is currently the largest gathering of hippies there has ever been in human history. Indeed this festival taking place in the Catskill Mountains not far from New York City in 1969 was supposed to bring together 50,000 people, ultimately the festival will bring together no less than 500,000 people and will take place over 2 days.

For this concert big names were present such asJimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Joe Coker and Joan Baz.

It was not uncommon to see 3 deaths during the entire festival, two from crack and heroin overdoses, and another after being run over by a tractor at night. 

You must supremely ask yourself, "Why have I never heard of this festival ?" The answer is simple bohemian, because there was only 'one festival. In reality the festival was not profitable, because of the 500,000 people a huge number of people did not pay their ticket which was 6 dollars. In addition, no less than 75 overdoses were recorded, which will cause enormous hospital costs for the festival managers. To pay off all of their debts, the festival directors had no other choice than to sell the rights to Warner to eliminate all of their debts.

Discover now the hippie clothing style! 

The movement also called "Flower power" it was not uncommon to find extremely rural floral dresses for women. Often barefoot to be in total harmony with the earth, it is also not uncommon to see small leather sandals 👠 for women. For men, wide cargo pants are at their best, also called bell bottom pants. 👖 , for the top find big blazers . The centerpiece of the entire movement is none other than the long dress 👗

Hippie style hair was a real mark of opposition to the army. In fact, long hair was forbidden in the army; everyone had their heads shaved. So to marktheir opposition to the Vietnam War, hippies wore long hair. In terms of accessories we can see that women loved wearingshoulder bags, despite this small element of decoration the hippies remained vagabonds and opted more forbare outfits so sophisticated. 

The hippie outfit became with the arrival of disco more elaborate and more chic, to finally become extremely close to bohemian outfits. The Bohemian fashion taken up by city dwellers is very far from the strong message sent by an entire population to protest before the ruler of their time. The bohemian style then saw the light of day much more classy and chic there are still hippie inspirations in the style of dressing, but sparingly. These pieces are much easier to wear whatever the season and body type.