What are the fashions for this winter 2020-2021?

Winter fashion for this year 2020

We got there. Here is the month of December, we are now in the middle of winter. It's starting to get colder and colder, the rainy and snowy days are slowly coming. Our desire to stay under the duvet by a fireplace is more and more present, but we still have to go to work and get dressed and not stay in a satin nightie.

Winter is the season of family celebrations, songs, hot chocolate, decorations, each one as beautiful as the next. What we also love in winter is once again wearing our warm sweaters, our favorite leather ankle boots and our fur coats which will allow us to undoubtedly be the most beautiful for this season. In winter, many people treat themselves to new clothes, shoes or accessories with Black Friday or winter sales. But also thanks to the Christmas gift that we are given and which makes us so happy.

This winter, what are the trends? What clothes you absolutely must have in your dressing room to be fashionable! So many questions running through your heads, this article will be able to answer them. So we are going to detail in this little blog, what are the fashionable clothes for this winter?


Fashionable colors for this winter

The clothes also go through colors for this winter. This year, pastel colors are popular! Yellow and powder pink will brighten up our outfits and add sparkle to our complexions dried out by the cold. Brown such as Camel, or rust color (orange-brown) are also very popular colors for clothing and shoes for the fall winter season. Fuchsia is also making a comeback!

Indeed, fuchsia is also popular this year. It brings tone and an eccentric side to your outfit. Dare to go for a total fuchsia look or add a little touch. Don't underestimate the color orange. It adds something extra to your dressing room. Why will you tell me? Because it goes perfectly with many pieces like blue slim jeans for example.

Fashionable clothes for this winter

The sleeveless sweater is back in force this year. Whether with shoulder pads, jewel buttons or even pearls on the collar, thebohemian style sleeveless sweateris truly a fashionable piece. Plain, twisted or patterned, you have the choice! Whichever one you choose, it's a must-have piece in your wardrobe.

The shoulder pads that mark your most basic clothes are not a trend that dates from today, this trend comes from the 80s with the flower power movement. Blazer, denim jacket or top with sleeves, there is something for all tastes and for all body types.

Puffed sleeves for a chic bohemian blouse or sweater bring an elegant and trendy side to even the simplest outfits. Bohemian style dresses are perfect for winter.

The suit is very present in women's wardrobes. Both simple and sexy, the suit has found its place in the winter wardrobe. The suit can be worn just as well for going to work as for a night out with friends. Whether it's oversized or on the contrary well curved, women love to wear it in all circumstances.

To conclude with clothes, the sweater dress is the ideal piece for this winter. Totally trendy, this year it is pleasant to wear and very warm. It perfectly combines the style of simple clothing while providing a very feminine touch. The sweater dress combines both simplicity and femininity. The most popular are short sweater dresses, but also XXL versions. Turtleneck, patterns, colors, different ones for all women.

Fashionable prints this winter 

The houndstooth print has not lost its charm over the years, it is still popular with women. It is a timeless print that is both elegant and simple. You can wear it as a blazer with black pants for a guaranteed effect.

The chain or scarf print is everywhere this winter. Perfect to wear over a dress or shirt. The scarf print brings a very bourgeois chic style to your outfit. Its luxury side and vintage appearance are also very popular. You can wear it with jeans and a shirt.

Zebra print is very popular this winter, some will dare to go for a total look, others will prefer small touches on their outfit. Boots, a jacket, a bag or jewelryyou will surely find a piece that you like. You can wear it with a black top to add a simple touch.

Fashionable materials this winter 2020 

satin is one of the most fashionable materials this winter. This material is very pleasant to wear, chic and elegant. We find it on many clothes such as skirts, dresses, but also blouses.

leather is very present in wardrobes. Black leather is one of the hottest trends, soft colors like brown, khaki or burgundy are finding their place.

What are the shoes and accessories for this winter? 

Concerning shoes this year, what is fashionable for this winter are the small ankle boots called Chelsea Boots, but also the high-soled sneakers the Dad shoes.

Large platforms give you style and elongate your silhouette. Over-the-knee boots are also very popular this winter. For materials, leather and animal print are the most worn this winter. Those with sequins are especially popular during the end-of-year holidays.

For the accessories appreciated by women this year we have the brown or black Fedora hat, chain bags, long gloves, cross necklaces, but also retro clips in the hair and belts wide to mark the size.

3 examples of looks to be fashionable this winter 2020! 

  • 1st look: You can combine a sleeveless checkered sweater with a shirt underneath and high-waisted jeans and some jewelry for a nice, simple look perfect for winter
  • 2nd look you can wear a simple blouse with printed straight pants for example for a trendy look perfect for this winter
  • 3rd look you can combine a long bohemian dress with a sweater and a big belt and a hat for a romantic look perfect for this winter


I'm sure you've already said once in your life when opening your dressing room "I have nothing to wear." Even if you think you have nothing to wear, I'm sure you have very pretty pieces, but you don't know how to combine them, you have no inspiration. You may never have put its two pieces together.

At a time when the internet and social networks are present in our daily lives, inspiration is right before your eyes, it's a wealth of outfit ideas right before your eyes. You just need to know the right hashtags to be able to best find outfits that could inspire you with the clothes you own.

Here are some hashtags to help you: #winterlook, #winterlook2020, #winterfashion and #winterfashion2020.

You have just finished the article, you now have everything you need to know to be in fashion this winter 2020, what to wear or not to be trendy. You have 3 look inspirations that you can find on our website Bohème Infinity. So what are you waiting for to bring out your most beautiful pieces to be trendy this winter? We are counting on you !