TOP 5 tattoos for a bohemian look!


tatouage bohème

Do you want to enhance your bohemian personality and add liveliness to your wardrobe? Why not try temporary tattoos for women? At Bohème Infinity, you will find everything you need for a entirely bohemian and timeless style. And it's not just a piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Your tattoos will go so well with a festive atmosphere that you'll believe it!

Make your shoulder more elegant with a flower tattoo

épaule tatouage bohème

It’s the return of the sun, the warmth, the happiness… The time has come to take off the long-sleeved knitted sweaters! You start to put back bohemian dresses, sandals or heels, little sleeveless striped tops, which reveal your bare shoulders. The spring and summer seasons lead you towards the exploitation of colors, from festivity a you letting go. You want to reveal another characteristic of your personality, but you don't know how to proceed? Bohème Infinity is here to guide you. After your navel piercing is in place, let yourself be tempted by a temporary tattoo for women, with black or colored pigments. 

If you're still reading, you're probably in a punchy mood: the colorful tattoo is made for you ! Simple, light, representative, the floral motifs that can accompany it reflect the best in you! Whether you stay at home, go for a walk or swim at the beach, you can't stop admiring this tattoo which sublime your shoulder! With a light, rounded line, the tattoo is anchored in your shoulder and comes to life there. The pinkish color also makes you look better; you are ready to start this new season in the beauty of women's fashion, in the joy and in theself-assumption.

A tattoo to highlight your simplicity

tattoo hippie

It’s the start of a gentle evening where the weather is good. Dressed in your best flowing cotton skirt and short-sleeved lace tee, the wind blows against your skin. Of an adventurous nature, you want to lightness and of finesse. Loving life, you travel through it without hesitation. Loneliness is not a problem for you, it lets you know to flourish yourself, without anyone's help. But today dear bohemian, let us help you find a new way to define your freedom.

A fan of tattoos, you hesitate to offer a companion to the other works present on your skin. At Bohème Infinity, everything temporary tattoo is here to make you even more jolie than you already are. Opt for a tattoo with fine and light features to reflect your personality. Black in color, a pattern with soft and discreet foliage reminds you of simplicity and your love for the nature. You're even more ready to slip into a beautiful, relaxed spring evening. 

Meet your soulmate, the same way these tattoos meet theirs

tattoo bohème

L’love. A word at once so simple, but also so complex. You are looking for your soul mate, or you may have already found them. Either way, this feeling is worth putting to good use. Bohemian in love simple things of the life, you get the most out of it. You live day by day, without fear about the future. A long walk, you and your long bohemian dress, transports you to a Bulls which only belongs to you; mutual love is not one of your major concerns. Happy in your marriage, you share as many moments as possible with your other half. You enjoy moments together as much as when you are alone. You are ready to give up the taste of freedom to make room for your union and to share your bohemian attitude. Alone or with others, the feeling of love is no less beautiful.

It is therefore in the image of our bohemian tattoos of all sizes! Left to your own devices and happy with this situation, why not artistically describe what mutual love means to you? Synonymous with simplicity or complexity? If your soul mate is yourself, then you find love much more complex that you do not think. Of hearts in the middle of interwoven traits, like drawings, the beginning and end of these lines do not come together at any time, this is your definition of shared love. In good company, Michelangelo is your inspiration. Your common tattoo with your Adam reflects both one of the painter's frescoes, but also the complicity in your relationship. The two fingers of lovers touching, finesse And elegance represent delicacy And romanticism of the couple. 

Fly away with a light tattoo

tattoo chic

An air of lightness that blows against your skin, even if you wear high-waisted pants with straps, a silk tank top and a linen jacket. In the middle of a walk, you are left to your own devices. In search of'ambitions for your future, you let yourself be carried away by the wind as it overwhelms you, even with your sneakers on your feet. Facing the ocean, you think back to your lived difficult, hoping to finally forget it to make way for a better future. You look for new occupations, you meet new people, but without success. Desperately looking for a way for you escape like a butterfly, to be happy, a solution to represent your state of mind and your force.

INou are tempted by the tattoo representing birds. The wrist is the first location that comes to mind. Not to take the star as an example, but rather to convince yourself that you are ready to reborn, like a phoenix. You think of your favorite ruffled dress that could accompany you in this process. Every tattoo has a story, create your own. You want to show that you have grown, that you have learned to overcome your fears and your weaknesses. The birds tattooed on your skin prove that you move forward, day by day, without fear of tomorrow. You have adopted the relaxed aspect, you are at peace, even freer and more feminine.

Vitality in a colorful tattoo

tattoo fleurie

Tattooing is not always done with classic black ink, and fortunately! Although the black ink that is drawn on your skin is beautiful, and can look like henna, who would turn down a tattoo at once soft And colored ? The discretion then takes another turn, and this type of tattoo is not synonymous with vulgarity, as it is sometimes possible to think. It all depends on the design, the few motifs that accompany it, the place tattooed, and especially its size. Imagine that some bohemian prints are perfect for highlighting your hands! So what are you waiting for to get a tattoo on this pleasant part of the body?

Choose a delicate work carried out on the mains with pink and purple colors to enter into a summer and printed atmosphere. Ideal for spending a few days at a festival, you will match the colors of the event and you can have fun as it should be! Tattooed on your hands, you will be the most beautiful woman sensual of the festival! Patterns belonging to the field of fantasy also accompany your fingers, which you can, of course, enhance with our jewelry by inserting our Bohemian rings. What's better to completely match your values and those of Bohème Infinity?

Dear bohemians, we thank you for your trust and loyalty. We hope that our collection of bohemian tattoos will give you new ideas to use to make a permanent tattoo! Choose your outfits carefully, available in several cuts, in large sizes, and for all women. Loose, plain shirt, fitted beige blouse, embroidered checkered blouse, khaki blazer, ecru suit, navy blue jeans with integrated belt, a pair of pumps... Pair them with your tattoos! But above all, choose your tattoo artist carefully. We are counting on you to increase your femininity for all occasions!