How to wear a bohemian dress?

The bohemian dress, essential in a bohemian's wardrobe

Do you want to know how to wear a bohemian dress 👗? Essential for a woman's wardrobe , the beautiful bohemian dress can be worn in all seasons, summer or winter. It is light and fluid and will allow you to leave your beautiful legs in the sun in summer. In addition, the hippie chic dress is made with quality fabrics such as cotton, polyester, embroidery and not forgetting lace which will make you chic and sexy. In addition, the bohemian dress offers unlimited bohemian looks, all different! Sleeveless, striped dresses, with loose, tight or fitted cuts, the bohemian style dress can be worn in summer with a pair of sandals, heels or pumps or in winter with a pair of sneakers or ankle boots.

Ditch your old skirts, and the women's clothes that you no longer wear to make room for bohemian dresses in your wardrobe. We all know that a dress is often easy to find, but know that a women's dress like the bohemian dress is one of the only dresses in women's fashion that is adapts to all morphologies so easily. If you have a larger size, you can always adopt a plus size dress which will enhance your beautiful figure.

3 tips for wearing a bohemian dress:

1 – Add a touch of color to your wardrobe

The goal of bohemian style is to have fun with clothes 👚. Colorful, basic or unique clothes, all clothes are present in this style. Add a touch of color to your dressing room with fashion colors like bright red, navy blue or why not beige. The main thing is not to be afraid to look at others and to dare to wear what you like! 

2 – Find a bohemian dress with beautiful patterns

In order to adopt the bohemian dress, you need to find dresses with beautiful fancy patterns or beautiful floral prints . Many beautiful long bohemian lace dresses with floral print can be worn in 2020 to adopt a total hippie look 🌸. Moreover, the patterns on a dress will give you a casual style and you can wear your dress on all occasions like a birthday, a wedding or anything else!

3 - Don't be afraid to adopt an atypical style like a style with flowers! 

At Bohème Infinity, we offer a wide choice of floral printed dresses . Don't be afraid to have an atypical clothing look, the codes of the bohemian look are to be yourself without worrying about how others look, so if you like to wear a black dress with a floral print or a chic bohemian dress for spring summer, do as you wish!


Bohemian dresses, women's clothing with an ethnic style

robe bohème femme

Add a touch of femininity to your usual look by dressing in a long bohemian dress, long dresses have the ability to make a woman sexy, chic and glamorous. The dress, light and fluid, will delicately rest on your little legs and will enhance your divine silhouette. You can combine your beautiful ethnic bohemian dress with a denim jacket or a women's jacket.

Wearing a bohemian dress may seem atypical, but it is this style of dress that will allow you to stand out from the rest. So, don't be afraid to dare! Long-sleeved or short-sleeved dresses, sweater dress, strappy dress, striped velvet dress... Choose the dress that pleases you from a wide choice of bohemian dresses!  


Pair accessories with your dress for a total bohemian look 

femme avec une robe bohème

Don't forget to add some jewelry as an accessory like a colorful ring 💍 with your multicolored dress. Adding a piece of jewelry with your hippie dress is very important for a 100% bohemian look . You can also add fancy bracelets and necklaces to add a pop of color, but be careful to match the color of your jewelry with your dress.

If you don't like jewelry, you can opt for a bohemian hat to accessorize your outfit. Additionally, add a leather belt to give a retro side to your bohemian look .

If you ever like flowers or other floral prints, you can adopt a floral look with a bohemian scarf to complete your bohemian look. 

There you have it, you have all the cards in hand to combine your dress with different bohemian accessories. On the other hand, be careful never to wear pants or leggings under yourhippie dress, it may seem logical but some women do it and it's a real fashion faux pas! 

Pair your dress with a small pair of bohemian shoes. If you want to wear your bohemian dress in winter, you need to wear a pair of boots. On the other hand, if you wear your dress in summer, pair it with a pair of sneakers or a pair of sandals. 

Finally, if an evening is approaching and you have chosen your bohemian dress as your evening outfit, do not hesitate to wear chic high heels to be the queen of the evening!