What shoes to wear with a black dress?

The 10 best shoe ideas to wear with a black dress.

Who doesn't like to wear black? We all need a few black dresses in our closets. A black dress is a style statement in itself, which is why it usually doesn't require a lot of accessories. However, the only thing you need with a black dress is the right type of shoes.

The little black dress is nothing less than a girl's best friend. If we had to choose between diamonds (since they're called a girl's best friend) and black dresses, we'd probably always choose the latter. That's why today, taking into account the latest style trends,we bring you the best types of shoes to wear with your black dresses.

What shoes to wear with a black dress? 

No matter the season or occasion , a black dress is always a lifesaver. You can easily wear the same dress with a hundred different looks by accessorizing it differently, layering it with different pieces, and choosing different shoes. In our last post we already talked about how to choose these shoes according to the dress , but today it's all about black. Here are some tips to remember for choosing your shoes when you wear a sublime black dress:

  1. If you want to add leg length, opt for nude colors.
  2. This year it's all about differentiation, so don't be afraid to try shoes in colors that are in total contrast like red, yellow, orange or even cobalt blue .
  3. When buying new shoes, always consider the comfort level they offer. You should never compromise on quality.
  4. However, for professional or more formal settings, do not take such risks and instead opt forclassic combinations like the all-black look or a black dress with tan shoes.
  5. For a chic look, always opt for thesockless model.
  6. For a sporty look, you can wear your black dress with sneakers, loafers and slip-on shoes.
  7. For the professional environment, opt for high-heeled shoes, but the ideal heel length should be neither too high nor too low.
  8. If you are wearing a black dress with a V-neck, opt for pointed shoes.
  9. All types of sandals are perfect for a black maxi dress.

9 – Black dress and gold shoes

9 - Robe noire et chaussures dorées

For the perfect party outfit, choose gold shoes and accessories with your little black dress. The color gold hasalways been associated with glitz and glamour,that's why just like you need a black dress, you also need gold shoes in your wardrobe. Some of the best brands to shop for gold shoes this year include Vans, TOMS, Dream Pairs, and Marie Claire.

8- Red high-heeled shoes

Robe noir avec talon rouge

Wedge heels not only look good, but theyare also very comfortable to wear. One reason for this is that the extra support around the legs makes the shoe fit much better, allowing Many women wear long heels even though they have difficulty balancing them. So, if you plan to walk a lot, for example while traveling or if you are going to dance, these shoes are definitely the best. There are many different ways to tie these shoes; here are three things to consider:

  1. Sit down before tying the knots, as this will help you adjust better than if you do it standing.
  2. They look best when tied around the ankles, don't stick out too much as they will eventually slide down, unless they are intended to go as high as that, as in the case of sandals gladiator.
  3. Wear jeans or short pants with them, because obviously your ankles should be visible.

 7- Shoes with black dress in winter

Chaussure noir avec robe noir

Now we're going to share two of our favorite looks from blogger Emma Hill . Her black style is always an inspiration, and we're interested in how she layered her black dress for winter. Winter is the perfect time of year for an all-black look.

6 – Shoes with a black dress

Chaussures avec une robe noire

Here is Emma's second outfit that we liked. She wore a fitted gray-black sweater dress, which she chose to wear over the knee-high boots. The white scarf, gray shoes and black dress together created the perfect winter palette and, as always, her look is very approachable.

5 - Do beige shoes go with the black dress?

Yes of course ! For your black summer dress,beige and tan shoes are always the best choices. These shoes are especially useful for women who don't like wearing black shoes with black clothes and want to add color to their outfit. You need to pair them with gold accessories to make the most of your outfit.

These shoes are also available in black and, of course,they go with any black dress,as proven by the stunning Malin Akerman who chose to wear them with a black dress for a red carpet look.

4 – Sporty girl look with sneakers

For all comfort lovers, nothing beats sneakers. And luckily, they look great when paired with black dresses. We all recommend classic shoes with a little black. 

so if you want something more high-end, luxurious, crazy and simply eye-catching, we suggest going for one of Katy Perry's black sneakers. Its collection includes real adventure shoes for the most daring. Take a look at our favorites below, they range in price from $11,800.00 to $18,000.00, but some are on sale, and they can be purchased here for as low as $6,634.00 .

3 – The classic black dress with white heels

When wearing white shoes with a black dress, be sure to add as many white accessories as possible.

 2 – Black shoes with black dress

As mentioned earlier, for your workplace, it is best to not be too experimental. So opt for simple and elegant black loafers or oxford shoes.

 1 – Floral vibes with Valentino ankle boots

If you want to add a little color and funkiness to your outfit, wear it with gorgeous printed shoes.