What is bohemian life?

Greetings Bohemian! ❤️ Today we are going to talk about something essential! Introduced in the romantic era in the 19th century bohemian still remains totally trendy and in keeping with the times! More than just a style,bohemian is also a way of life!It is representative of a life full of love, happiness and inner peace. In addition, the bohemian way of life gives us, modern hippies, a way to escape the clutches of Babylon!

If you want to change your vision of the world and live day by day according to the sun, eembark with us in the river of the past to feel and experience all this hippie ideology in the goal of making it last!

What does it mean to live a bohemian life?

In a world of politics, wars, and deadlines, one cannot be blamed for seeking the wonders of bohemianism. The modern bohemian lifestyle hasgained popularity simply because it contradicts everything we hateThere are many "truths" that we learn as we grow up, but unfortunately Babylon forces us to live our lives like a machine... Go to school, get an office job, get rich, then die. This is not how we want to live on earth.

If you only have the song “ la bohème” by Aznavour, it’s time to give yourself an intensive bohemian course! 😍 Lifestyle includes aspects of spirituality, ideology and theology much more than just clothing style!

The term "bohemian" was first used in France in the 19th century during the era of romanticism to describe gypsy travelers from Bohemia, a region of theCzech Republic.🇨 🇿

Qu'est-ce que la vie de bohème ?

As more people began to use the term, it evolved to describe the gypsy lifestyle rather than where they came from. GOOD Sure, there aren't many gypsies around anymore, especially not in Southern California, so why do we still hear the term so often? Well, in this age of Facebook and social media,bohemian is used to describe those who lead an unconventional artistic life.🌄

The modern bohemian spirit is filled with music, art and literature - a way of life that embraces the doctrine of freedom over possessions. 📖

The term bohemian can also be used to describe things that are cheap, unconventional, and probably considered strange by most.


Qu'est-ce que la vie de bohème ?

Characteristics of bohemian life! 

You won't find Bohemians carrying signature bags or the latest iPhone. Instead, they prefer to explore our lush planet while freeing themselves from the material chains that bind others. 🌏

Most Bohemians deviate from the norm when it comes to their fashion sense. Environmentalism and anti-establishment ideologies are also key elements of the bohemian lifestyle.

Qu'est-ce que la vie de bohème ?

Habitat of the Bohemian!

Bohemians prefer to live in habitats with strong freedom of expression. We can still see Bohemian communities sprouting in areas where the cost of living is cheap.

Most Bohemians don't have much money due to their anti-materialist lifestyle, making affordable areas particularly prone to charity invasions.🥰

Qu'est-ce que la vie de bohème ?

Intellectual pacifism of the gypsy! 

While most of the bourgeoisie would think otherwise, many Bohemians are in fact well educated, spending their time study philosophy, deconstruct art and read everything they can get their hands on.🖼

Most Bohemians live their lives creating paintings, writing novels, or producing music. This is not a very lucrative lifestyle for most, and therefore many call them poor.

But although they are not the most successful financially, you cannot doubt that they are rich in knowledge.🤩

Qu'est-ce que la vie de bohème ?


The anachronistic bohemian fashion

As we saw above, Bohemians are rarely seen as living in wealth, which probably explains why they wear old clothes.

Although they rarely have the opportunity to buy new clothes, they continue to express their fashion style. They often gravitate towards bold colors that help them stand out from the monotonous pace of the society. The bohemian style often goes well with other gypsy and hippie elements.☮️

Qu'est-ce que la vie de bohème ?


You'll find girls wearing colorful, floral dresses while their male counterparts wear t-shirts, hoodies and ripped jeans - complete with pockets that Ed Sheeran would surely take note of. Bohemian outfits are also easy to spot thanks to all the accessories that accompany them.

All of this makes bohemian fashion a playground for fashion designers with all the layering possibilities. The bohemian dress is simplistic while still maintaining a unique character. Boho style and bohemian clothing lends itself to their unconventional lifestyle.☯️

Qu'est-ce que la vie de bohème ?

Diverse art

Art and bohemian go hand in hand. Most Bohemians spend their time composing books, songs and paintings, but the list doesn't end there! Singing, dancing, drawing, writing poems, and even writing blogs are all common pastimes in the bohemian world.🤪

Since the earliest cave paintings of men hunting and being hunted, art has served as a means of critiquing the imperfect nature of the world around us. Particularly with Puccini who painted for the first time a representation of a Bohemian

Qu'est-ce que la vie de bohème ?

From predators to presidents, there will always be a threat to our freedom that can be identified through poems, novels, paintings, and every other form of art under the sun. It was the great Thomas Merton who said: “Art allows us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

The late Reverend wrote more than 70 books during his life. Most of his work focused on social justice, spirituality and pacifism. The Seven Storey Mountain is arguably Merton's most important publication. This splendid autobiography which led to the migration of many to monasteries all around the United States.

Qu'est-ce que la vie de bohème ?

What all this means

The Bohemians live as they want. They don't care about routine, wealth, social norms, or the judgment of others. Many will call them tramps, burdens and a myriad of names, but that doesn't change the fact that we can all learn something from the Bohemians of our time.

Bohemia could remind us of what we had in childhood, but lost on the way to adulthood. There is nothing wrong with the pursuit of success and financial stability, but it is important not to sacrifice our creativity, our curiosity and everything that makes us happy, just to chase the goals that society tells us to pursue.

Qu'est-ce que la vie de bohème ?

To summarize this article I will quote the novelist Jake Lizarraga:

“The antagonist of progress is not chaos, but trap.” ❤️